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I like to share the - "Bodhirajakumara Sutta"

Buddha said, in his search for the ultimate truth, he has had many dealings
with Gods and Brahmas。 He relates his past experience to Bodhirajakumara in
the Bodhirajakumara sutta。:

a。 When he was in austerity practice and was about to give up all foods, the
Gods came to him and said this:

   " the gods approached me and said。 'Good sir, do not fall to that method, if
you do we will inject heavenly essence through the pores of the skin and
will support you in that manner。'

b。 He said that only when he was in deep concentration he directed his mind
to recollect his many pasts and when he directed to mind to the cessation of
suffering, he found the truth, the path leading to the cessation of

c。 When he thought he was not going to preach what he discovered, Brahma
Sahampati came to plead with him to preach。

d。 When Bodhirajakumar asked "How long does Buddha takes to train bhikkhus,
to attain the noble end of the holy life。?' 

"So too, prince, there are these five factors of striving。 What five? Here a
bhikkhu has faith, he places faith in the Tathagata's enlightenment 。 he is
free from illness and affliction 。 he is honest and sincere。 he is
energetic in abandoning unwholesome states and in undertaking wholesome
states 。 he is wise 。 These are the five factors of striving。" Under his
tutorship, the Bhikkhu under normal circumstances, will attain arahatship in
seven years。

Ananta Metta

Maung Paw