Dear Dhamma Friends:     Last updated on 2014/2558 9 8, a full moon day;

Lay Buddhist, unlike the Monks (Bhikkhu's and Bhikkhuni's) , have heavy responsibility: to support the family members, then to support the order of Sanghas with four requisites (alms food, robes, medicine and shelters-Monastery)。  He must earn a living and out of his savings, he must support the sanghas and to perpetuate the Buddha dispensation。  Thus, Lay Buddhist could not set up his goal to attain Nibbana in this very life, like the sanghas who are doing it  following the Noble Eightfold Path - on a full-time。

Lay Buddhist must have a different path to follow - Dana-Sila-Bhavana。  Lay Buddhists are not homeless like ascetic Monks。 he must ear for a living and he is the only one who could support all three : family, Sanghas and the Sasana。 He could never be practicing meditation like Sanghas。 he must go out and earn to fulfill his responsibility。 It is important for the Lay Buddhist what his clear vision and goal while working towards the ultimate goal of Nibbana。

While we do charity (Dana), we need to know how we posture our mind, Saddha and Cetana in doing  the offering。

Ananta Metta。

Maung Paw