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Loka Nat Tha - earlier in the history of Myanmar King Anawratha of Myanmar worshipped Loka Nat Tha when the religion of Myanmar was Mahayana。 Following the introduction of Theravada Buddhism by Shin Arahan, deity worship was forcefully junked in the cave, known by the name of Nat Hlaung Kyaung, including Hindu deities。 

In fact Loka Nat was a Hindu deity, a Bodhisatta known by the name of Avalkitesvara or otherwise known as Kitesvara in Thailand and Cambodia and Kuan Yin Mae Daw in China and Vietnam。 Loka_Nat is the most revered deity in the Buddhist world。 To eliminate the traces of Mahayana, Loka Nat  was given a legendary folk tales of a battle between a Chinthe min and the flying elephant locked in a mortal fight for cloud for their food。 With this introduction of an artificial legend, the origin of Loka Nat got lost。 So the true history of Loka Nat Tha was lost in the act of dilution of the Burmese history by its historians。  

Many Myanmar did not know that Loka Nat Tha is the same as Kuan Yin Mae Daw [Mae Daw, in Myanmar, known as deity_lady] in many Chinese temples and Avalokitesvara Deity in many Tibetan Buddhist temples。 Many Myanmar believed that Loka Nat Tha would bring peace and prosperity to the Golden Land of Myanmar, soon。
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