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One of the most significant events in the Theravada Buddhist festivities is the “Worshiping and Paying Reverence to twenty-Eight Buddha’s。 There is a Burmese name – Hnit Kyaik Shit Su Phaya Pu Zaw Pwe”。 Why this event is significant was because of the time it took our Gotama Buddha, as Bodhisatta gone through – the second stage of verbal aspiration and the third stage of active aspiration in his quest for Buddhahood。

Three Buddha’s he met during the period of Verbal aspiration。 In this period he was not yet qualified to receive a definite prophecy from the three Buddha’s to become a Buddha

Twenty-Four Buddha’s he met during the period of active aspiration。 He met each and every one of them to receive their definite prophecies proclamation in BurByar deik Taw)。

All in all, there are twenty-Eight Buddha’s, including our Gotama Buddha。 That is why we pay reverence to all the twenty-eight Buddha’s, to commemorate his entire Bodhisatta’s career, as Bodhisatta to the fully enlightened Buddhahood。

Our Bodhisatta as ascetic Sumedha, at the time of Dipankara Buddha, was fully qualified to take the arahantship; but he delay his entry into Nibbana and endured for another 100,000 world cycles and four Asankheyya (incalculable) periods in his quest for Buddhahood in order to save us to bring us to the next shore of Nibbana。 Please see the explanation given in 31 planes of existence for the length of time for one world cycle

Paying Reverence to 28 Buddha。pdf  

Ananta Metta

Maung Paw