Dear Dhamma Friends:     Last updated on 2014/2558 9 8, a full moon day;


Attached Praying beads1.pdf is Myanmar Buddhist Prayer Beads。


If you are observant, you will note that in recent time, some Myanmar who used to carry their prayer beads are no longer carry them。 They say, to carry prayer beads means one practices Samatha and that it could only leads one to the higher planes like Deva or Brahma realm, unlike Vipassana that could lead one to Nibbana in this very life。

Well, in theory, that assertion is perfectly correct。 However, in the pragmatic sense, based on Buddha prophecy stated in Anagatavamsa Desana, in the post Sasana year 2500 year [2009/10/3 is in sasana year 2553], to attain Arahatship is next to impossible unless you are a practicing forest monk。 For a lay devotees, to gain an arahantship is impossible, because one must either be a Bhikkhu or Bhikkhuni working hard on Vipassana with much austerities。

Practicing Samatha to gain Samadhi is one of the Eightfold Noble Path and is a foundation to gaining the wisdom (Panna), of the three main factors Sila, Samadhi and Panna。 The most eminent Ledi Sayadaw, [a well known monk, was in Myanmar] Maha Thera will attest to the practice of gaining Samadhi


Ananta Metta

Maung Paw