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The attached Jataka story is a very familiar Jataka story relating to one of our Bodhisatta past lives when he was a Suvannasama, (Thu wa na tha ma) in short was known in Jataka as Sama, the dedicated son。 Back in our old country, when a couple has only one son, they relates to this Sama Jataka story to wish the couple of a dedicated son。

The story was related to Buddhaís disciples by Buddha by recalling through his divine eye of his many lives in the past。 This story illustrates the power of invocation of the power of the truth。 It also relates to how man received the divine protection from the king of the Gods (Sakka) and Deity Gods and Goddesses

In all of these Jataka stories, we found our Bodhisatta received helps and divine interventions in his quest for the self-enlightenment as Sammasambudha。 The question then is do we believe in divine intervention? I present and you decide; personally, I believe in Jataka stories and Dhammapadha stories that are part of the Tipitaka

Sama jataka。pdf

Ananta Metta

Maung Paw