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The strong desire to give donations to the Noble one is not greed。 One has to cultivate this inspiration to give donation from the long, long past existence。 You cannot bring that desire to give away your possession, like Withakha Yahan Ah Ma aka Visakha –One must have that inspiration developed from one’s past lives。 It is different from Greed。 Greed is one to take possession for one’s own; and this is an inspiring desire to give away one’s own possession。  This is a good example。 

So if we want to donate to a Noble one, it is not greed, no matter whatever reward we expect to get。 Here Anatha pin Tha Htya – a sotapanna, knew that he will be well rewarded, so he donate lavishly, from his heart。  Just like when our Bodthisatta gave away his wife and children。 It was his inspiration to attain Buddhahood

Here Anathapindaka aka Anathi pan the Htay Gyi – donated his wealth lavishly。 He knew he would be rewarded。 But it is not greed。

At that time, he was a millionaire。 Later on for some period of time, he became very poor。 However, every time he would visit the Jetavana monastery, he would still carry some gift for the center- even to the extent of carrying fertile soil from his own garden and spreading it under the trees。 

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