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Since the introduction of Buddhism in Upper Burma by Shin Arahan Maha Thera, we had and will have Deities。 The astrology, alchemy were introduced at the same time Buddhism was introduced by the Hindu Brahmanism

In the cleansing of Buddhism, Anawratha designate Sakka (The King of all Deva) as the head of 36 nats and that was how the word Nat was used to defame the Deities。 In facts, Deities adopted by Burmese were and are still the God and Goddesses from the Hindu Vedas。 They are the celestial Deva; and not the Nats from the group of 36。 Those are the earth bound spirits or the dead heroes chosen by the Burmese King。 By the gift of the Kings, these earth bound spirits were given the privilege of being fed lavishly by those who worship them。

The Deities adopted from Hindu Vedas were either Deva or the Brahma from their respective abode。 Sakka (Indra) is the king of Devas (Gods) who was designated to carry out the Buddha Sasana in the post Sasana year 2,500 Sarawasti Tuyatadi Mae Daw is in charge of custodianship of Buddhas Tipitaka and its preservation。 They play the most critical role in the Gotama Sasana。 People who understand the gift of their blessings worship them for a better mundane life。

Since, the beginnings of Buddhism in Burma, many men, aspire to become a Bodhisatta, future Buddha Phaya Su Pan Min Yauk Kyar and thus practice concentration Samadha, alchemy and astrology。 The cores of these arts have their origin from Hindu Vedas。 That was why we have so many Deities from Hindu Vedas adopted as our Deities。


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