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This is a sutra taken from the Mahayana Tipitaka

Living in some part of the world, if you are rich and handsome, many parents will like to get you for a prospective son in law。 Some will resort to Kapila Magic to ensnare you to be close to their daughter。 Many will not admit to this art of magic available across the land, especially in Myanmar。 Many living in rural areas are aware of such things exist; but not those who live in urban areas city and town。

The Kapila Magic, as practice by the Brahmanism religion, has been spread all over in the Golden land。 The Shurangama sutra is a vivid example of the power of Kapila Magic that had affected the Buddha cousin, Shin Ananda。 He has not attain the Samadhi power and was ensnared by the Kapila Magic to the verge of breaking his purity of Sila by following the Kapila Magic composed by the Matangi, the Brahmin lady。

This Kapila magic using the indecent artifact is known to be very effective and powerful。 No matter who you are, young single or old married with children, one could be snared to follow the magic power。 Thus, Shurangama sutra is a good lesson to be learned by all。

We should know that such kind of demonic magic exists in this world。 Maintaining the purity of virtue is so important to all of us when we strive to attain the power of samadhiSamadhi is one of the eight factors of enlightenment (The Noble Eightfold Path)  to escape from the round of rebirth。

Ananta Metta

Maung Paw