Updated in 2563 : on 2020 : 2 : 24 : pGTSU, p Gene Therapy System Usage:  ... ( A, C, G, T) ... , also see: MD (for each (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user), genetic code) QR Code:   QR Code: QR Code;

to correct; to cure; to fix; to heal; to repair; Radical959;

p* ; P* ;

Parkinson; Parkinson's; e.g.

Remark: regarding ( moon wave (our earth), yellowish variation comparison between our earth and sun ), Auto Grow ( , Also see: Physics Law 131, Auto Grow) Distance, Distance of 2 eyes, Distance between eye and mouth are very very important, because 4 eyes form naturally on the sun, if we compare 2 eyes form naturally in our earth;

Gene Therapy System ((Parkinson, Parkinson's) abnormal, abnormality, abnormalities, disease, disorder), using (

without Parkinson),

for curing ( Parkinson, Parkinson's) e.g.

with Parkinson;

phagocyte; e.g.

; ; ;

kusaibo Phagocyte; kusaibo Phagocyte; kusaibo Phagocyte;

phagocyte, a type of cell, absorbing and engulfing (bacteria, cell, particle) ... ;
phagocyte captures and eat "green" microorganism;

data set of (genotype, phenotype);
genetic constitution of 1 (kind, organism) but with diff color codes, i.e. phenotype;
genetic constitution of 1 organism, i.e. genotype;
e.g. membrane's color diff, but the same nucleus, i.e. phenotype;
e.g. membrane's color NOT diff, and the same nucleus, i.e. genotype;
e.g. the same pure water at the (begin, beginning), And Then, after ( FMD, NMD) time period with iroColourWaveForm (diff color code), And Then, at the (end, ending) IFF NOT the same water, i.e. HOW Gene Therapy System ... ;

Also see: PHYSICS, law one hundred, with water (3 colors, Origin of Live Form) universally, ... ;

phchi Phlebotomy; Also see: blood;

((( eni Distal), as opposed to ( kini Proximal)), (( kini Proximal), as opposed to ( eni Distal))), also see: Directions; Remark: proximal a.k.a. upward;

pus; e.g.

Pus     no Pus     no Pus;

(((toward the back ( kobu Posterior)), as opposed to (toward the front ( zenbu Anterior))), ((toward the front ( zenbu Anterior)), as opposed to (toward the back ( kobu Posterior)))), also see: Directions; Remark: posterior a.k.a. dorsal;


Basic Understanding For Idea Processing; Gene Therapy System; Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;