Last updated on 2017/2561 5 10, a full moon day; Monbusho;

Approx. 218idea available to develop in ACT2, and in ACT3 levels;

Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement;

IFF computer, there is only one book in our earth, therefore, correct self ( AI, Artificial Intelligence) if a tribe (ethnic) of Union of Myanmar's idea is wrong ... ; 1 time machine in loop; WORMHOLE; 24mm; 12mm; 6mm; 3mm; ... ; lights as instruction ; for developing gravity dimension computers ... ; 1 Myanmar's imaginary hyper dimensional, with C Sequence Number structural; SYNC parallel time IFF 2,3 dimensional, also IFF 3,4 dimensional; So, develop gravity dimension computers ... 。Regarding Southeast Asians, from 3rd world to the 1st approach, after earning a Masters degree and age <= 35 year, Monbusho helps 5 years [approx. US$1880+/month with tuition waiver and benefits] full grant to earn a Ph.D. from one of the selected universities in Japan;  this DOMAIN encourages be back to motherland after R&D ... because HR for 3rd world to the 1st quickly; For ACT2 and ACT3 development, must learn oriental language ... ;

idea ♯ 218; Heat;

Shakya King's permit is required (refer to majestic computer's permit), regarding zero curvature screen surface in the Internet, keywords are (e.g. map, pinpoint, focus, lock, launch) ... ;

at the focal point of long distance multi neutrino LASER, no material can EXIST;
at the focal point of multi long length neutrino LASER, no material can EXIST;

blaze; fire; flame; Radical107;

1st to understand HOW heat can be defined in ACT1, ACT2, and ACT3; also see: heat;
2nd to understand HOW heat vs. light can be implicitly; also see: heat;

3rd to research and develop heat, e.g. dimensional heat, directional heat, logical heat, numerological heat, structural heat; Remark: on human beings livable moons in our universes, heat and light are NOT at the same space (location); heat is very important to understand, because we human beings need heat, and notice that all other lives also need heat; e.g. structural K factor, in addition to A T C G;

heat can be either static way, OR dynamic way;

heat Dimensional, also see: Schematic Dimensional;

develop structural K factor, in addition to A T C G; earn Ph.D. degree in bio chemical engineering, biology, genetic engineering, pathology, pharmacology, software engineering (DB) expert, ... , And Then, prove that gene codes obey idea ♯ 218, Heat;

And Then, prove that this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System, Working... ;

idea ♯ 217; Couple; Coupling;

both to be together, a.k.a. couple; coupling; Radical7;

for ACT3 stage Space Designer, develop coupling yellowish variations in (2 * 6) dimensional;

to do so, 1st to understand HOW Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization (variable DEE patterns in our universes) on human beings livable moons in our universes, owned by Shakya King; regarding directional (Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization) in our universes (ACT3 stage), also see: cover page, COMPUTING edge, JANUARY 2017, IEEE computer society, ; 1 picture is worth more than 1000 words, and the cover page's idea might be originally from the Shakya King; develop structural time (momentum, open environment) of our universes ... ; i.e. beyond (day, night) configuration; both to be together, e.g. yellow background with green strings regarding Solar Sail Method (i.e. to perceive, to be energetic, to be proactive, ... ) because very very very far way in space, yellow as core is essential (e.g. E M interior like our earth), green strings (e.g. homemade green gravity) is very important also, therefore, both to be together (green, yellow);

regarding Buddha & Buddhism 's documentations (Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization), in 31 realms (also see: Numbers in Dharma), distribution of time may vary, because human beings livable moons' directions and sizes vary, therefore, long length neutrino (s) ' distance vary in our universes (this understanding might solve Gray Scale Simulation's results e.g. 5 gray sections prompted NOT the same at left and right); because of multi long length neutrino (s) ' distances, variable e.g. (BF1 Analysis, BLI, growth rate, SPL, with or without E M, ... ) in our universes ... ; BLI auto adjustment for human beings is still in R&D, as of early 21st century, still cannot solve HOW BLI auto adjustment can be, so that we human beings can be naturally living (civilizations) on human beings livable moons; believe it or not, INFO is faster than light (e.g.  neutrino's speed is light speed and it is very fast, but DEE modulation based INFO is faster than neutrino's speed; otherwise, there is no way human beings moons are dwelling, "dwelling" and peaceful & tranquil orbital are because of DEE); 1st to understanding DEE modulation ... ; another example would be: light is no longer exist, e.g. this DOMAIN 's imaginary space crafts (Solar Sail) in ACT3 space, and INFO can be coupling (e.g. layer7, layer8) ... ; the highest knowledge in computing is coupling (layer7, layer8) ... ; this DOMAIN developer (ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar) 's wild guess would be: e.g. approx. less than 5 peoples know exactly HOW to do coupling (layer7, layer8) in our earth;

for ACT2 stage Space Engineer, develop coupling colors among defined DEE boxes (a.k.a. 6 surfaces);

to do so, you must be selected ones, and restricted ones; because, Dark Energy Engineering (DEE) is military top secret; in addition to dimensional addresses, numerological numbers, ... , logical must be understood e.g. Idea Processor and its design model ... ; ACT2 stage Space Engineer must know GPS design model e.g. SQRT2 's 50th mantissa point and beyond ... ; Reminder: develop SQRT3 with SQRT2; also see: ../Info/Number/2.htm; ../Info/Number/3.htm; coupling (layer5, layer6) should be considered as ACT2 stage space engineering; easy to imagine & write like "coupling (layer5, layer6)" , in practical, concerning ACTION layers between background & forefront (e.g. camera) is NOT easy (so called ACT2 stage engineering); another example would be: easy to imagine & write like "AI" , in practical, analyzing calculator, dictionary, and translator to prompt Artificial Intelligence (AI) is NOT easy;

DEE can change civilizations (e.g. Manmade Global Weather, e.g. no material can exist at the focal point of multi long length neutrino laser, e.g. using Moon Wave to adjust Jet Stream's hotspots) i.e. beyond Veto Power; invisibility engineering is also beyond Veto Power, e.g. invisible animaloid reports humanoids; Remember: 21st century is grace time period to demolish all nuclear related ones, therefore, this DOMAIN (triangulation system) in the Internet, not defining keywords e.g. map, pinpoint, focus, launch, ... ; because, this DOMAIN has been developed for peaceful & tranquil purpose only;

for ACT1 stage Network Engineer, develop coupling layers; e.g. network info-tip; 200;

to do so, regarding ACT1 stage Network Engineer, 1st to define keyword (Couple, Coupling) in numerological e.g. 363735, 36373957; 2nd to define (layer1, layer2), (layer2, layer3), (layer3, layer4), ... ; 3rd to define address e.g. 363735 's internal address, 36373957 's internal address, i.e.   browser based; and then, notice that you can truly be level 2 Network Engineer;

idea ♯ 216; defined DEE Patterns;

regarding HI TECH, very important (ACT1), very very important (ACT2), very very very important (ACT3), one of the true facts in our universes is that HOW variable DEE patterns can be defined; as of 2017 in Gregorian Calendar / 2561 in Buddha Calendar (in 21st century), this DOMAIN has defined DEE1 ~ DEE13 ( DEE1, DEE2, DEE3, DEE4, DEE5, DEE6, DEE7, DEE8, DEE9, DEE10, DEE11, DEE12, DEE13) as patterns (also see: \\ Time . Space \ Action \ DEE* . GIF), regarding this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space e.g. human beings livable moons in our universes, ... ;

in addition to zero Curvature based, define your own DEE patterns e.g. negative Curvature based, e.g. positive Curvature based; e.g. dot patterns, circle patterns, leaf patterns, polygon patterns, zigzag patterns, ... ;

variable DEE patterns go through every day, every hour, every minute, every second, into our cells, our bodies, our earth, our universes, ... ; but, NOT the same at left and right; Also see: index; e.g. 5 gray sections prompt NOT the same at left and right, a.k.a. Gray Scale Simulation result in our universes ... ; e.g. tree's brunching factors are NOT the same at left and right (similar to "ha" character, one of the Katakana characters);

develop and define yourself, e.g. variable DEE patterns ... ; 1st, DEE must be defined static way e.g. lighting candles by 3V battery potential, and then notice that yellowish variation in our earth; 2nd, DEE must be defined dynamic way, e.g. characteristics of DEE in 1 way (remark: ACT1 space, our earth, 1 way DEE and BF2); since idea number 215 philosophy can be understood, Variable DEE Patterns can be defined; Hint: both ways (e.g. left character of "ha", e.g. right character of "ha") can be explicitly ... , And Then, both ( left, right) ;

enter; insert; Radical13;

Regarding civilizations in our earth, if you are left only, you might be dealing with troublesome right, on the other hand, if you are right only, you might be dealing with troublesome left;

idea ♯ 215; Philosophy;

Do you know this Buddha picture represents 13 = 8 + 5, 2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space? approx. 13+ years old (2017/2561) image in this DOMAIN, also see: Presentation; in 2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space (a.k.a. ACT2 space), think that 8 is solar system, 5 is our earth's day sky, 2 events of 90° is (2 * 6) dimensional in Z-Index of our universe, 2 moons are on the same orbit, 2 times daily tidal and its height (tide's low mark, tide's high mark), come-and-go (to-and-fro) prompts flowers and leaves, so that C Sequence Number (BF2) begin, NOT the same at left and right, e.g. tree's roots are not the same at left and right, ... ; after 13+ years of research and development, HOW earthquake and tsunami can be reduced by this DOMAIN 's Satellite DNS System (Manmade Global Weather) e.g. no more earthquake in Japan, e.g. no more tsunami in Japan; Think that not only 13, but also all other human beings livable moons in our universes (a.k.a. ACT3 space, 3,4 dimensional imaginary hyper space) are owned by Shakya King (also see: Swastika);

1st to understand Directional Gravity Pressure (e.g. Our Universe can be understood 1st, And Then, 2 is very very unique (e.g. 2 moons are on the same orbit, in 2,3 dimensional imaginary space), and Moon Wave's up-and-down E M spring alike DEE must be understood (e.g. Navy Blue at moon's night and Aqua Blue at our earth's day happens at the same time) 2nd, and then, defined Directional Gravity Pressure can be allocated directional to reduce earthquake and tsunami; 3rd to develop and prove e.g. no more earthquake in Japan, e.g. no more tsunami in Japan, ... ;

induction logic (e.g. ACT3 stage imaginary hyper space knowledge level) surface analysis combining with gray scaled simulation results, Manmade Global Weather to do no more earthquake in Japan, and no more tsunami in Japan; Also see: philosophy;

Example 1: because of this DOMAIN 's Manmade Global Weather : in (2 * 6) dimensional a.k.a. depth of z-index in our universes, IFF 2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space e.g. 13 = 8 + 5, doko WHERE 8 is known as Solar System, And Then, add 5 to our earth's day configuration; 1 tangent line can be drawn between point A and point B on zero Curvature surface; since this DOMAIN has been a part of triangulation system in the internet, since Tectonic Thrust (underwater bedrock "cracks" in Pacific Ocean) shifts in our earth WHICH is similar to 1 tangent line, using Directional Gravity Pressure ( AI) e.g. no more earthquake in Japan, e.g. no more tsunami in Japan; therefore, develop and prove: this DOMAIN (Satellite DNS System) Manmade Global Weather (no more earthquake in Japan, no more tsunami in Japan) ... ; since 1995, World Line (a.k.a. cloud line in the sky) can be fetched, the same method can be applied to directional ... ;

Example 2, because of this DOMAIN 's Manmade Global Weather : WHEN Homemade "Green Gravity" are wrapped (e.g. structural box, 6 surfaces), And Then, gray scale (e.g. silver, gray, black) can be defined and measured; since DEE Box e s are already in structural, regarding Z-Index (3D) simulation (e.g. projection at ±98 IFF SQRT2 design model), the same method can be applied to directional ... ; as results, 3rd to develop & prove that e.g. no more earthquake in Japan, e.g. no more tsunami in Japan; our earth; to truly develop this idea number 215, developer must understand 13 planets in 2,3 dimensional thoroughly, and then, mapping the pinpointed location (a part of lighting our universes project), and then 2 times tidal wave alike to the defined location by Manmade Global Weather method, and then notice that no more earthquake in Japan, and also notice that no more tsunami in Japan ... ;

Example 3, GPS embedded floating poly plastic device (Argo float) can measure not only temperature, but also echo and SPL;

regarding this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper spacecrafts in ACT3 stage,

since, variable SPL (Sound Pressure Level) can be defined among human beings livable moons,
since, variable yellowish variations can be defined among human beings livable moons,
since, 2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space (a.k.a. ACT2 space) can be defined (13 = 8 + 5) WHICH causes very very unique 2 (e.g. 2 times daily tidal, e.g. natural light as on (Day) and off (Night), e.g. approx. Directional Gravity Pressure WHICH is similar to "
ha" (also see: Nippon Syllabary 's Katakana characters) naturally, And Then, 2 tidal waves' height (diff between high tidal mark and low tidal mark) can be understood in ACT2 level knowledge; Remark: " ha" character prompts NOT the same at left and right, very similar to natural Directional Gravity Pressure),

therefore, develop and prove that NO MORE EARTHQUAKE IN JAPAN, and NO MORE TSUNAMI IN JAPAN;

if this idea ♯ 215, Philosophy works (can be deployed, can be functional Method, can be implemented), Manmade Global Weather will do peaceful and tranquil to our earth ... ; e.g. no more earthquake in our earth; Notice that there is no Natural Water Elevator Method, because Natural Water Elevator Method should not be used, regarding Directional Gravity Pressure (think that Directional Gravity Pressure is more likely to be dynamic way if compare to Natural Water Elevator Method is more likely to be static way);

regarding BLI ( Body Length Index) auto adjustment (refer to human being livable moons in our universes), a must to be symmetry is: equally to left and right; Radical14;

regarding ACT2 stage imaginary hyper space (refer to 13+ planets space system) design difficulty is that HOW 2 yellowish variations must be SYNC ( Synchronization) to be "equally to left to right" , also see: Schematic Dimensional (Mussel _ v s _ Scallop) ... ; think that screen surface (zero Curvature) is like 1 way prompts to user (e.g. Play; remark: in 13+ planets space system, 2 orbital lines prompt 1 way, refer to NOT the same at left and right (results of maroon background filter, results of green background filter) ), but 2 ways like H D M I is a must to define pinpointed location on the screen surface (zero Curvature), And Then, do Directional Gravity Pressure on the pinpointed location (Tectonic Thrust (underwater bedrock "cracks" in Pacific Ocean)) , And Then, notice that no more earthquake in Japan, and also notice that no more tsunami in Japan;

HOW 7 and 13 are related to each other? also see: Number;
HOW 20 (a.k.a. middle JUN) water drops alike characters, for thousands of years? also see: Nippon Syllabary;

idea ♯ 214; Natural vs. Structural;

beyond directional gravity, and gravity spots, HOW Sound Pressure Level ( SPL) diff among human beings livable moons in our universes e.g. till early 21st century, USB powered speakers need USB connection to be charged; since well trained kids are beyond ACT1 and ACT2 knowledge, it is the time to prove without power, e.g. sound can be ... ; HOW is become serious question , of course; in the early 21st century, USB power speakers are compact & small in size, but producing very high quality sound, however, it needs power to be charged;

now is the time to do without power cord, without power to be charged; 1st to understand SPL (because, human beings livable moons are with diff SPL like yellowish variations); 2nd to understand structural obeys natural energy (e.g. my battery does not need charging, and its rechargeable cells are energetic naturally because of variable DEE patterns are in structural); another example would be: 2 times daily tidal waves, and its BF1 Analysis ... ; 3rd to develop e.g. my computer's battery doesn't need re-chargeable power cord (because its board has been structural designed to be using variable DEE patterns), my USB speaker does not need charging power (because this portable device has been structural designed to be using variable DEE patterns); big wave e.g. Moon Wave (Remark: 2 moons are on the same orbit, therefore, we human beings have many of two ... ); and, notice that 2 is very very unique in many ways;

Well trained kids! it is the time to prove natural vs. structural ... ;

idea ♯ 213; BF1 Analysis;

one; Radical1;

- Time WHICH has been adjusted by in our universes; within this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space ... ;

- Space (BF1) e.g. green onion, e.g. hair; realize that C Sequence Number (BF2) is truly everywhere in 2,3 dimensional space (a.k.a. ACT2 stage space); notice that C Sequence Number (BF3) is somehow related to DEE 's cool characteristics (ACT3 stage space a.k.a. 3,4 dimensional space);

- Action: for each Analog Clock, 2-sided zero curvature surface based bio cell (BLI, distance, growth rate, ... );

to do so, 2-sided zero curvature surface must be defined; e.g. wormhole with defined length, and then, end of the length is doko WHERE capture method begins (e.g. (smart phone, smart tablet) 's camera WHICH can read other side of opaque a.k.a. invisibility engineering);

to do so, for each bio cell 's environment can be defined by either

 Two Times Six E M _ lights , or

 Two Times Six E M _ lights _ AND _ Solar _ DEE _ Without _ Momentum, also see: Schematic Dimensional; Remark: 3 dots because 2 events of 90°, notice that cells' kinetic energy begins ... ;

because of defined environment (exterior, interior), Space (BF1) e.g. green onion, e.g. hair, and then question would be 5W1H of WHICH factor can define Gene Code diff e.g. hair color diff;

Develop & prove that D Sequence Number (bio cells) obey very very unique 2 e.g. 2-sided zero curvature surface based bio cell ... ; Also see: C Sequence Number;

Develop & prove that "cracks" WHICH kill symmetries (also see: Mathematics) exist, e.g. neutrino laser's length in distance (transformable, variable one), e.g. natural animal "snake" 's length in distance (fixed one), and then, question would be WHAT kind of transform in Rainbow Method regarding spectrum (e.g. WHICH factor or WHAT kind of condition prompt to transform from 465 nm to 654 nm; therefore, develop D Sequence Number;

Develop & define environments ( 31 realms, accordance with Buddha & Buddhism), e.g. environment1, environment2, environment3, environment4, environment5, environment6, environment7, environment8, environment9, environment10, ... , environment31; define environment 1 ~ 31; also see: numbers in Dharma; Remark: R&D HOW bio cells are on 2-sided surface, and then, apply more environmental factors, e.g. dimensional gravity spot, e.g. directional gravity, e.g. variable DEE patterns, ... ; because of BF1 Analysis, human beings livable moons' BLI problems can be solved, and then study of HOW teleportation method (beyond cloning) begins ... ; based on BF1 Analysis, after earning Ph.D. degree, you can also earn Awards & Prizes; however, please don't change the dimensions e.g. 108 x 108, e.g. SQRT2 design model in computing;

idea ♯ 212; Rain;

rain; Radical205;

- rain can be created e.g. creating clouds above ocean, and then using plasma cluster (directional 1 meter gravity spots) toward the defined location (e.g. GPS defined location to be cloudy), and then using sound beam (to the defined clouds) to be raining onto the ground;

- rain can be stopped e.g. by using Moon Wave,

Full Moon Day ( FMD) ... ; Natural FMD Water Elevator;
No Moon Day ( NMD) ... ; Natural NMD Water Elevator;


method; WHILE clouds are elevated (refer to the clouds become in higher altitude) rain stops naturally; because of Directional Gravity Pressure;

rain can be stopped e.g. by using multi long length neutrino laser toward cloudy location (clouds disappear because of hotspot); because of heat;

this DOMAIN 's Manmade Global Weather ( service) do good weather conditions globally ... ; Remark: Shakya King's permit is essentially a must to develop, because this method is beyond civilizations (e.g. Veto Power);

Question: for each human beings livable moon, approx. diff distance between FMD and NMD, (refer to tidal marks) related to BLI ? if BLI (growth rate) is somehow related to tidal mark diff, and then WHAT are approx. ratio ? hint: 13 = 8 + 5, doko WHERE 2 is very very unique in many ways;

IFF military scientists, develop this Method: e.g. Natural FMD Water Elevator method, e.g. Natural NMD Water Elevator method; prove that within 23.45 hours, rain can be stopped naturally; a part of Manmade Global Weather (service) ... ; for controlling regional flood (e.g. flood protection), this method can be used;

idea ♯ 211; Yellowish Variation Sensor;

1st to understand, 5W1H of WHAT causes E M? e.g. yellow as core;
2nd to understand, lights obey iroColourWaveForm (e.g. blue, green, red, yellow, ... );
3rd to understand, yellow as core, one of the factors to judge whether with E M, or without E M;

this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts found out ( ' v e discovered) that some planets are with E M, and some planets are without E M; as of 2017 / 2560;

therefore, develop this DOMAIN 's yellowish variation sensor; for better understanding, also see: Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization (Pa Kua, in the book I Ching (a.k.a. Book of Changes)) ... ;

therefore, develop remote yellow core based sensor i.e. to define blue and green, WHILE in " Nested " (e.g. variable DEE patterns) environment;

to do so, create zero curvature (blue, green, red, yellow, ... ) surfaces, and then DEF environment (structural) to do analysis of ... ; Remark: in hammer design, several layers a.k.a. diff potential doko WHERE V begins; Remark: pressure to capacitance causes oscillation, so that capacitor must be DEF by iroColourWaveForm (capacitance) ... ; Remark: 1/2 fish design model is recommended one in ACT3 and ACT2; very very easy to do so like ACT1 ... ; on the other hand, it may cost CIVILIZATIONS ... ; and, regarding civilizations, all human beings livable moons in our universes are owned by Shakya King;

clever; expert; skilful; skillful; successful; wise; Radical128;

human beings livable moons in our universes; yellowish variations exist, e.g. 5mm yellowish variation, e.g. 10mm yellowish variation, ... ;

regarding nature's law (also see: PHYSICS, e.g. heat and light are at the same location IFF in our earth), normal yellow, a.k.a. no yellowish variation, i.e. refer to our earth, also see: Radicals, Numerological0; some planets are with E M, on the other hand, some planets are without E M, because of yellow as core; approx. 1+ year old INFO;

good luck in 2017 (Remember: 20 is mid Jun, 17 is numerological JP), and earn Ph.D. degrees in 2023, after proving 1/2 fish design model of Yellowish Variation Sensor; and then, apply physics e.g. E M is somehow related to yellowish variation; layer, also see: 7lComputer;

E M is western civilization's measurement, and DEF e.g. to measure Electro Magnetic;

idea ♯ 210; Analog Clock, for each imaginary hyper space craft;

1st, to understand HOW analog clock is designed; Analog Clock;

also see: Schematic Dimensional;

2nd, to understand yellow color as core, because E M is somehow related to yellow core; some planets are with E M, on the other hand, some planets are without E M; yellowish variations begin;

3rd, to develop analog clock, for each imaginary hyper space craft; also see: Bio Clock; and do R&D (e.g. analog clock vs. bio clock); and then, develop digital clock, for each imaginary hyper space craft, by analyzing zero curvature surface's intersection points; Also see: Clock;

Remark: analog clock (gray scale simulation) is approx. 28+ years old info (as of 2016/2560); this DOMAIN developer still does not understand WHY 5 diff gray sections prompt in our universe; future generations (well trained kids) might be able to explain WHY 5 different gray sections prompt ... ;


idea ♯ 209; BLI auto adjustment;

Body Length Index (BLI) auto adjustment is very very advance idea HOW variable sizes (e.g. bio cell's sizes, material (e.g. sand's sizes), ... ); after BLI auto adjustment is done, we human beings can live without worrying BLI problems exist on human beings livable moons in our universes;

to do so,

for each gravity spot,

: 1st, growth rate must obey time period requirement (e.g. 23 lunar weeks, or 32 JUN time period) ... ; 2nd, iroColourWaveForm must define colors (e.g. aqua color, blue color, white color, yellow color, ... ) and then those defined color as surface must obey rainbow method (refer to aqua background, DEE 's natural momentum accordance with orbital dimensional e.g. 2,3 dimensional); 3rd, do R&D e.g. 5W1H of cell's characteristic & condition e.g. grow, shrink, ... ; DEE Radio analysis on Chemical Elements; Protein analysis IFF bio; for each gravity spot;

Remark: BLI auto adjustment (yellowish variations on human beings livable moons), camera as longest distance router, (focus, map, pinpoint, lock, launch) as keywords (national security e.g. anti-missile systems), gravity for elevating, invisibility deployment (e.g. 2-sided surface based computing, e.g. earthquake-prediction by DEE Box simulation results), manmade global weather (service) i.e. to do good weather conditions globally, multi long length neutrino laser, nama programming for humanoid (updating nama reading database via animaloid' report), Satellite DNS System (military systems), surface analysis of light, water elevator, wormhole (kuru kuru WHILE lights are), ... , should be military top secrets, and information should not be in public;