Last updated on 2018/2561 1 31, a full moon day; Monbusho;

Approx. 252idea available to develop in ACT2, and in ACT3 levels;

Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2;

idea ♯ 252; Gene Therapy System;

HOW to design and engineer Gene Therapy System sir ? well trained kids ! regarding bio measurements (e.g. %, name, per), define "common" , "normal" , "standard" , ... ; And Then, system is a combination of items, objects, things, ... and kuru kuru WHILE (e.g. running triangulation system in the Internet, also see: 5W1H), using methods (e.g. Comet Method; hole & string as method; e.g. Rainbow Method; e.g. Sound Beam Method; e.g. Wall Method; e.g. WORMHOLE Method) by directional gravity spots; since Body Length Index (BLI) and growth rate (BF1) can be defined (e.g. by using C Sequence Number; e.g. by using Network Topology; e.g. by using Yellowish Variations for each human beings livable moon in our universes), this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System can cure many (individual, person, Pt, user) via its system (device, display, do 76647555 (Good Gene), good gene patterns, monitor, remote heat sensing nodes) ... ; Also see:

12 Hours Fasting Glucose ( 12HFG), also see: 6hComputer;

12 hours Fasting Lipid Panel ( 12hFLP), also see: 4fComputer;

ALANINE AMINOTRANSFERASE ( ALT), also see: 8aComputer;

Complete Blood Count ( CBC), also see: 8cComputer;

Creatinine & Calculated Glomerular (Kidney) Filtration Rate ( CCGFR), also see: 1cComputer;

Potassium, also see: 7pComputer;

PSA, also see: 9pComputer;

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone ( TSH), also see: 2tComputer;

Uric acid, also see: 6uComputer;

develop Gravity Dimension Computer ( Gene Therapy System) ... ;

for basic understanding of Gene Therapy System would be: P vector direction defined mutation of A, C, G, T, ... ; constraint (e.g. filter) environment has been defined by index "aqua" , so that gene sequences can be defined; since mutant patterns EXIST (e.g. using Protein Mutant Database ( PMD)), good gene patterns can be defined by using methods of Gene Therapy System i.e. HOW ... ; do good gene;

idea ♯ 251; comet;

comet; Radical347;

projecting single comet;

projecting multiple comets;

IFF bio (gene sequence, medical), R&D: e.g. HOW projecting single comet and projecting multiple comets cause our human beings' gene sequence;

IFF IT (NIS, National Information System), R&D: e.g. info can be faster than lights (DEE band, DEE modulation); e.g. can comet carry code and info? ; e.g. HOW far the distance, the projecting single comet can travel?

        comet ACTION upward        

comet ACTION left




comet ACTION right

        comet ACTION downward        

for each imaginary hyper space craft, using aspect ratio (Light Sheet Storage), analyze comet;

IFF physics ( Manmade Global Weather), R&D: e.g. HOW projecting single comet and projecting multiple comets cause defined location's weather conditions;

- projecting defined travelling time period of single comet; defined GPS location;

- projecting defined travelling time period of multiple comets; defined GPS location;

IFF computer, there is only one book in our earth, therefore, correct self ( AI, Artificial Intelligence) if a tribe (ethnic) of Union of Myanmar's idea is wrong ... ; 1 time machine in loop; WORMHOLE; 24mm; 12mm; 6mm; 3mm; ... ; lights as instruction ; for developing gravity dimension computers ... ; 1 Myanmar's imaginary hyper dimensional, with C Sequence Number structural; SYNC parallel time IFF 2,3 dimensional, also IFF 3,4 dimensional; So, develop gravity dimension computers ... 。Regarding Southeast Asians, from 3rd world to the 1st approach, after earning a Masters degree and age <= 35 year, Monbusho helps 5 years [approx. US$1880+/month with tuition waiver and benefits] full grant to earn a Ph.D. from one of the selected universities in Japan;  this DOMAIN encourages be back to motherland after R&D ... because HR for 3rd world to the 1st quickly; For ACT2 and ACT3 development, must learn oriental language ... ;