Source     Last updated on 2015/2558 4 4, a full moon day;

A Rakhine (ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar) who has not had semiconductor engineering knowledge, who has not had knowledge of HOW to compile OS, operating systems, but, who has been a window user since 1980s till present, thus following imaginary contexts are gathered, and notice that contents may not be 100% true ... ;

the most advance technology would be e.g. Processor knows its power adapter's Electricity Power Plug, and then SYNC (a.k.a. Synchronization) to Moon Wave to handshake its board (a.k.a. 5 in numerological dimension) , and then Interface (e.g. M T I), and then OEM should be with its own logo; after all prior verification methods are done, ID should be confirmed, and then source e.g. shell based ... ;

In Windows 8 ... , Windows 8.1 ... , Windows 10 ... , color is the key, because in true space (e.g. My Imaginary Space), distance is measured by yellowish (i.e. iroColourWaveForm 's yellow color) variation in mm (millimeter) or light's stretch variation in mm (millimeter) (e.g. in our earth, "red LED" at no moon night stretches 10 meter, but exterior of imaginary hyper space crafts' the same "red LED" at night stretches 15 meter on one of the moons, in this case, therefore 5 meter stretch variation is the distance between our earth and one of my moons), weight is measured by kan Weight or a drop of argha Holy Water is weighed and then marked ... ; universal platform (i.e. platform independent WHICH means IT becomes beyond browser based computing ... ) begins with Windows 10 (as of 2015/2559); IFF any curvature in our Shakya (also see: Swastika) universes, angle (e.g. ° degree, radius r) is defined by DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) pattern;

In WinVista, Win7, ... , computing ...

            think HOW to engineer layered colorful display ... ;

            think HOW to engineer heat vs. light comparison, because touch sensitive computing is in testing stage ... ;

            think HOW to engineer browser independent application, because characters can be mapped, because hyper graphics can be as I/O numbers, ... ;

In Win95 ~ WinXP, computing was done colorful, contexts sensitive, time table, time line, ... ;

            think HOW to engineer a colorful flat panel with dark cell ( DEE cell, also see: voxel) WHICH produces light WHEN it perceives light ... ; think HOW to engineer a colorful pixel WHICH produces light WHEN it perceives dark ... ;

            prove that context sensitive compilation can only be done in Unicode, cannot be done in ANSI ... ;

            prove that source's contexts are human unreadable for example a content of #@$%& before | and think that oriental thought has been applied inside, therefore concept must be Time . Space . Action ... , complexity begins 1source relates to N of #@$%& ... if you like to challenge technology, especially for southeast Asians, so do not be a fool, so do not be individual, so be strategic, because so many hidden danger exists such as your eyes, your heart, your ... , your hardware?, your originality?, your software?, ... ;

            prove that XYZ and xyz are diff inside a source, but XYZ and xyz are the same after System has been loaded ... for example, user can change file name xyz.exe to XYZ.EXE, user can change file name xyz.dll to XYZ.dll, and so on ..., because at file:/// level, the file has been already compiled, because at |app level, source has been set before |, therefore, without a time table, without a board, do not be a fool, if possible be wise so start thinking of HOW to do defensive computing ... for example 15 years old floppy drives, IDE devices might be useless in 2008, so start thinking of HOW to protect your data for another 15 years ... if you can protect your data for 30 years, and then start thinking of HOW to protect your data for 96 years ... ;

            think that so many notebook users no longer using a mouse to be interactive with display ... but hyper graphics idea is still using ... ;

            prove that A is for Ampere so that "flow of" directional can be further engineered, H is for Henry, V is for Voltage so potential diff can be precise, W can be either Watt or 2 v V, Z is for impedance for remote sensing so that searching for holes can be possible, C is for capacitance to store potential diff, 6 for 6 volts for example version 6.6000 might be for 6 volt design, numbers can be string, number also can be integer whole number, number also can be floating time, number also can be variable, number also can be constant, ... therefore, inside a source, it is impossible to a common person to read, to understand, to engineer, ... a Myanmar would say "military top secret" ... ;

            because computing at beginner level seems "civilized" because computing at higher level seems "militarized" ... ; In lower level "civilized", individual may have freedom, but in higher level "militarized", individual may not have freedom ... ;

            prove that processor can be pivot table of time only, so that OS independent can be engineered, because IFF

                    whole number based processor can point a space e.g. a SONY notebook,

                    floating point number based processor can point the same space e.g. a NEC notebook e.g. a SHARP notebook, and then OS independent can be as ||| ...

            because WHEN truck deliveries available, WHEN containers/vessels deliveries available, all marketable products are available as productXYZ, productIJK, productCompanyName...

            because market means money and power (also see: Electricity Power Plug), once profitable, WHO care! about: HOW ;

In 1980s, and early 1990s, computing was done with mono black & white display, external floppy drive, external storage without flash drives, without color display, without flat panel, without portable, ...

            think HOW to engineer a mouse interactive to display ... hyper graphics idea began ...

            think HOW to engineer standard I/O a.k.a. stdio because characters must be mapped, and then display as fonts ... thus for mapping think that Unicode may be diff IFF compare to ANSI ;