Updated in 2563 : on 2019 : 12 : 6 : File Name . File Extension : Approx. 1651+ available to read; In common, Syntax is File Name dot. File Extension Letters, WHERE semantics are dot .abc, dot .ijk, dot .xyz, ... ;

Year < 2006 Year > 2005; Remark: X where in duo-binary when f1 . f2 . f3 → f4 iff X ||| ;  ...
  A B C D E F G    
  H I J K L M N O  
  P Q R S          
  T U V W          
  X Y Z            
    Dual binary                                
            Bit Line   BL   BL   BL              
    Word Line     A B C D E F G              
    WL     H I J K L M N O            
    WL     P   Q   R   S              
    WL     T   U   V   W              
                # & Char                    
  LSB MSB       X   Y   Z                
  Frame A                                  
  Frame B                                  
Frame C       POP                          
Frame … PUSH       Packet A                  
      Packet B                  
            Packet C                  
            Packet …                        

For Microsoft platform Unicode OS only: to test COM objects inside of files, must run (a window (Right, Left, Menu)) at Pre and Post >> locate the file to be tested, and then >> Run ... ; Also see: Error Level;

File extensions relate to file format; However, all file formats are not related to file extension; Because, some systems are file-system-independent; Above colorful duobinary-diagram is for duobinary mathematical calculation in progress; Myanmar is non-semiconductor level and this is a theoretical design; Nevertheless, understanding of LSB, MSB vectors of words and frame formats may vary, and several words exist inside a frame, therefore frame is superset of word AND packet is superset of frame ... ;

Numerology has been used in File Extension for each alphabet. Therefore, table sizes vary along with numerical value of each alpha. i.e. table size of d.htm’s is 4. File extensions are collected in wildcard approach.


 letter OR character letter OR character