2007 Units' Functionalities


Channel:   Numbers of channel, polarity;

dB:   SNR a.k.a. S/N ratio, signal to noise ratio;

Gbps:   Lattice Semiconductor Corporation's 2Gbps/pin pair in high speed parallel I/O bandwidth;     Lattice's maximum numbers of SERDES channels;    

Mbits:   Embedded memory;     Maximum distributed memory;     Memory 0.4 ~ 3.9 Mbits;    

mA:   Drain current; 280 mA;

MHz:   Texas Instrument's multi-channel power management DC frequency, 1.5 MHz ~ 2.25 MHz;

microamps:   Zero gate voltage drain current, 0.1 microamps;

mm2:   Motherboard size;     Package size;

mW:   Power rating; 350mW in low V applications;

ohms:   Static resistance on drain source, 3 ohms;

pF:   Input capacitance, 50 pF;

V:   Drain voltage from source, 50V in MOSFET;     Gate threshold voltage, 1.2V;     Gate voltage at gate source, + OR -   20V;     Universal 3.3V / 5V, PCI board, both 64bit & 32bit;     Vin Range 2.5 ~ 6, 3 ~ 18, in Texas instruments' multi channel power management;

W:   <0.5W in 65nm low power process;