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2563; 2020 design model; koshi Photon (Assembly of photons), photon's quantum behaviour, (photo-electric effect a.k.a. photon with matter) ... ; Also see: Optics;

AI OS to correct genetic disorder automatically, also see: Gene Therapy System ... ;

machine level instruction sets are programmed in assembly language; In systems, mixtures of IDs, system variables, methods, procedures, and etc. provide reliable, usable, *able / *l i t y along with O S I layers; artificial intelligence (OS) so called AI OS to correct assembly bug automatically ... ; HOW this logic works is that, e.g.

IFF ♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯ (i.e. 8 numbers) mnemonics addresses prompts error, and then AI ... ; this DOMAIN 's AI OS character number 14, character number 284, WHICH is (1 and 1) method of correcting assembly bugs; Also see: using artificial intelligence Clouds' log error page to correct assembly bug automatically;

As a sample, e.g. the following a few rows are in assembly of no COOKIE browser, prompted as assembly bug, WHILE error occurred, NOT on 11/15/2012 WHEN testing power failure;

8 number mnemonic mnemonic   address address   address    
7038588F movzx edx , word ptr [ esi+14h ]  
70385893 fdiv st , st   ( 1 )  
70385895 sar eax , 1          
70385897 imul eax , edx          
7038589A fstp dword   ptr   [ ebp+0Ch ]  
7038589D fld dword   ptr   [ ebp+0Ch ]  
703858A0 inc ecx              
703858A1 fstp dword   ptr   [ edi+eax*4 ]  
703858A4 mov eax , dword ptr [ ebp+8 ]  
703858A7 movsx eax , word ptr [ eax+ecx*2 ]  
703858AB mov dword   ptr [ebp+0Ch] , eax    
703858AE mov eax ,       ecx    
703858B0 cdq                
703858B1 fild dword   ptr   [ ebp+0Ch ]  
703858B4 sub eax , edx          
703858B6 movzx edx , word ptr [ esi+14h ]  
703858BA fdiv st , st   ( 1 )  
703858BC sar eax , 1          
703858BE imul eax , edx          
703858C1 fstp dword   ptr   [ ebp+0Ch ]  
703858C4 fld dword   ptr   [ ebp+0Ch ]  
703858C7 inc ecx              
703858C8 cmp ecx , ebx          
703858CA fstp dword   ptr   [ edi+eax*4+4 ]  
703858CE jl           7038587D    
703858D0 fstp     st   ( 0 )  
703858D2 jmp           70385C23    
703858D7 xor eax , eax          
703858D9 test ebx , ebx          

29 lines of code as a assembly bug sample, WHERE seven (7) might be install time stamp 's 1st significant value, because assembly error occurred WHILE running on Windows 7 WHEN testing power failure; at 28th row, after swapping mnemonic xor (eax, eax) and then test ebx,ebx ; Therefore, usamyanmar.net develops artificial intelligence to correct assembly bugs automatically, by using its AI OS characters for each address, mnemonics, the mnemonic's address; NOT having one (1) e.g. in numerological, it is, assembly error was happened, therefore, the best way to use a computer system is with artificial intelligence; Therefore, instead of using 8 hex numbers, usamyanmar.net is using its AI character number 156 for all addresses of word, dword, ... ; so called "artificial intelligence" integration of IQ of computers ... ;


Do not confuse between unit word and EN language word; Complexity is when EN language words are being coded and deployed by UPC chips, i.e. language can be prompted as l = 1 Byte, a = 1 Byte, n  = 1 Byte, g  = 1 Byte, u  = 1 Byte, a = 1 Byte, g  = 1 Byte, e = 1 Byte, and notice that case sensitive ASCII 8 bytes to represent language which mean 8 times 8 bits redundant of 64 bits while comparing to an UPC [Also see: Toggling Mode];

In an era of binary to duo binary, %BIN% to %DUO BIN% ... ;

IFF function is called, its return values are: 0, 0x0, 0x1, 0x2, ... ; Info;

The following table contains assembly/explorer calls *.exe files in Microsoft .NET frameworks: *.dll to public key, where token defines certificates from publisher including/excluding version number [Also see: Tag and Version];  

*.exe Assembly
CasPol yy
IEExec yy
InstallUtil yy
jsc yy
RegAsm yy
RegSvcs yy















For example: L64I reg_A, Addr_H can be understood as latch 64 integer register underscore Ampere 1st parameter, Address underscore Henry 2nd parameter; Remark: underscores were known for left pane of Window i.e. _____ ; In common, several lines of assembly codes are gather and executed as a brunch; WHEN compiling and testing assembly codes within 1 CK aka 1 cycle, so multitasking/multiplexing/multifunctional/multi*... begins ... ; Therefore, larger the brunches, higher the complexity is ... ;

Syntax for L64I reg_A, Addr_H is opcode 1st parameter, 2nd parameter and in common only 2 parameters exist in assembly language, because hardware are made of gates and ... ;

For pressure machine engine aka PME programmers only: must explicitly define unit word, EN language word, UPC word, Keyboard standard I/O word, and etc.

10/07/2020; at the space of (BIOS, chipset, circuit, IC), NOT knowing how to program "low level" (e.g. circuit, BIOS, chipset, IC), as result (e.g. cannot format disc), also see: Error; Error Log; Remark: (Logo, OEM, power, SPL);