Audio     Last updated on 2020/2563 1 10, a full moon day;

In addition to character encoding, sound can also be encoding, light can also be encoding, ... ; Because standard input and standard output, are keyboard's processor; approx. since 1990s, doko WHERE GUI, graphics processor begin; Usage "multi-media" means functional (character, GUI, Audio, Video) ... ; Audio IC, Using patterns prompt HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE; Until 2010s, audio as computer architecture specification is not available to public (might be military top secret);

  5 . 1 channel s ;      
7 . 1 channel s ;        
  H D M I connect ion s ;


HDMI connections; also see, WHERE cable behaves data alike; HDMI boosts display layers ... ; 6' HDMI Cable retailed costs approx. $30 USD;

3D ready;

5.1 channels;

7.1 channels;

20 ~ 20000, aka high, mid, low; WHERE high is for base; WHERE low is for tweeter;

Blu-ray Disc;

built for blu-ray;

Component (audio) mono or stereo;

HiFi, tape era's usage; aka High Fidelity; WHERE audio was classified mono, stereo, ... ;

iPOD compatible;

iPOD ready;

    mono - hierarchy          
      mono OR stereo    

, micro multi media encoding ... ;


sound beam, also see: iroColor;

stereo ; component stereo ;

stereoscope, instrument aka device WHICH 2 pictures of the same object are viewed 1 by each eye;


  white WHICH 2 26 285 stereo... 
  yellow WHICH 2 26 285

WiFi ready4

wired subwoofer


IFF reverse engineering, IC (decoder chip) patterns must be matched among cable box, players, ... ; GlassAlike.GIF WHERE OSI's application is assigned; Dragging noCOOKIE browser to left, right, top, ... will prompt "glass alike wall" ... ;

IFF testing 5 Audio, also see: 149.149; 5_Audio; BurnAvi.avi;

IFFMonbusho level developers, also see: mono or stereo can be understanding ... from ... to ... gravity dimension computers ... ;