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A-Si, Amorphous Silicon, TFT fabrication。

AlN, Aluminum Nitride, HEMT。

Al-Cu vs. Cu

AlGaAs, 850 nm conventional VCSEL at 25Gb/s。

ArF, Argon Fluoride。 Immersion lithography, []。

BaTiO3, nanocrystals' functional catalytic,  [。 2006]。

C6H12O6, glucose, also see: extracting electron and hydrogen by enzymatic oxidation inside of bio battery to produce 50mW。 [ 。 2007]

C60, CNT, cabon nanotube。

CeO2, nanocrystals' functional catalytic, Chemical + Electronics + Materials, [。 2006]。

CS, Cadmium Sulfide, photocell for light sensor 。   CdS, Cadmium Sulfide, approx. 100K ohms in dark room environment, approx. 10K ohms in ambient light, approx. 500 ohms in normal room with light。

Fe2O3, nanocrystals' functional catalytic,  [。 2006]。


GaAs, Gallium Arsenide, MESFET。

GaN, Gallium Nitride, HEMT。   GaN, substrates, FPC

GeSbTe, Germanium Antimony Tellurium, To control accumulators, microcontrollers have been designed。 Microcontroller's SOC MOS mem cell phase changes at 100 micro A and 1.5 V, by Dope O。 []。 V=IR, and HighR 1, LowR 0 via Tungsten BEC。

Hf, Hafnium, []。

HfSiON, 50% Hf, []。 HfSiON, High-k gate。

InGaAlAs, Indium Gallium Aluminum Arsenide, Aluminum based, operating temperature 0 °C ~ 80 °C, 40 km distance, no temperature control needed, 10Gbps, optical modulator related material, []。

Li-ion, Lithium Ion, battery。 Also see: mAh

LiCoO2 anodes, lithium-ion cells, commonly used battery cells, 10°C ~ 45°C operating temperature, 4.25V charging voltage。 IF >4.25V, crystal lattice transformation occurs by LiCoO2's reversible reaction, >4.25V potential may destroy lattice。



Nb, Niobium, polymer solid electrolytic capacitor, NEC。

Ni3Si, pFET, []。 Ni3Si 53%, PMOS。

Ni-Cd, Ni-Cad, Nickel Cadmium, battery。

NiMH, Nickel Metal Hydride, battery。 Also see: mAh

NiSi, nFET, []。 NiSi 28%, NMOS。

No cadmium Cd   AND   no lead Pb   AND   no mercury Hg。 Also see: ORB


p-Si, poly Silicon, TFT fiabrication。

PZT, Lead zirconate titanate, 82 40 22 , []。

Si, Silicon, fundamental nanophotonics。


SiC, Silicon Carbide, HEMT。

SiGeHBT, silicon germanium transistor, 5GHz wireless, []。

SiN, Silicon Nitride。 Stress test to a gate。 Electron & hole's stress。 Also see: STI


SiOCH, []。

Te-O-Pd, Tellurium Sub-oxide palladium doped, 4 layered CD, panasonic, 2006。

TiO2, nanocrystals' functional catalytic, [。 2006]。 Also see: O2 sensor  TiO2 to Pd Ag TiO2。 Also see: X ray spectrometer, [。 2006]。

ZrO2, nanocrystals' functional catalytic, [。 2006]。



Note: In 2005, used engine oil can be reversed chemical engineered to become gasoline [NHK news]。 Also see: Chemical ElementsIon's spiral path direction Materials。 Plasma cluster technology by Sharp。