Error Log, developer's human errors ...     Last updated on 2017/2561 8 7, a full moon day;

error; fault; mistake; Radical207;

Review date online vs. offline Error: also see: Error; Fix error at online Internet;


Offline stand alone also had the error Fix error at offline stand alone
5/18/2017 usa myanmar . net, NOT available in the Internet;

ISP: O L M . n e t ;

ISP 's server is under maintenance; yes no no
5/17/2017 ace jaw . net, NOT available in the Internet;

ISP: domains . yahoo . com ;

billing information went wrong, e.g. changing credit card, ISP suspended the domain name " ace jaw . net " ; because, ICANN requires ISP with correct information of domain name owner; yes no no
9/25/2016 developer's non-networked computer crashed; BIOS prompts: no bootable device - - ; human beings' error, fault, mistake, because WHILE compiling CD-R, screen should not be closed, and improper close caused whole system crashed; no yes yes
8/7/2016 Error Message: e.g. " The remote procedure call failed. " Windows 10's Microsoft Edge is no longer working; and then, wait approx. 3 minutes, and then click on window logo, click on Microsoft Edge, and notice that ... ; no no no
2/10/2016 IT\Note\Swap.htm;

one of the military top secrets e.g. without network connection, developer's file contents can be gone away; even half duplex (one way) has been configured without any defined network parameterized devices; this technique can be used IFF war exists; in normal non-war time period, this technique should be voided; 

93 KB contents are gone away; only white screen left; out of my knowledge HOW to solve this error;

its file attribute is +a ; instead of using old backup file, still in research HOW could 93 KB contents are gone away; e.g. is it because of layers? e.g. is it because of blocks?  

if universal true master system defines extra parameter to the same file content, and then, this developer's file contents are gone away? still in R&D HOW could this error happens; this is NOT developer's human error;

no yes no;

Remark: after Radicals development is done, will fix WHY 93 KB became blank;  compilation error?

1/20/2016 Radical107; Radical185; 2KB file size; should be 1KB file size; yes yes yes
1/19/2016 online:; regarding some contents, uploaded unsuccessfully;  no no no
8/4/15 logical error; logical flow (bug) because of multiple unguided ways; 3 days (8/2/15, 8/3/15, 8/4/15) i.e. more than 30 working hours to fix (to correct) logical error; therefore, please do not modify this DOMAIN 's contents unless truly know its whole logic; yes yes yes
2015/2/18 Object doesn't support this action; Script Error; no no no
2013/6/14 Error connecting to; Error 0x80420100: There was an unknown error. no yes no
2013/6/3 Satellite .htm; Content's hyperlinks; e.g. n t space; yes yes yes
2013/5/18 Graphics Usages .htm; Personal Photo Album's hyperlink should be Photo Album .htm; yes yes yes
2013/5/3 Computer Science .htm; year 2556 should be year 2557; YES YES YES
2013/4/26 1aComputer.htm with d Computer .dib; Corrected to a Computer .dib;      
2013/3/20 the Internet; the Intranet; missing operating system ... ; Failure; Also see: Anti Virus; Because, when very fast USB, some logical control might be out of time lines; Therefore, AI ... ; Yes Yes Yes
2012/12/21 offline only; Process: [616] 56366295.exe 736AA76C m o v d word p t r [e c x], e a x; This error caused component function error; YES NO YES
2012/11/15 Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 prompts assembly bug error WHILE power failure tested with no COOKIE browser; develops artificial intelligence to correct assembly bugs by using its AI OS character number 156;

Applications were not able to close; Not responding ... ; NOT able to prompt as one (1) WHILE power failure tested;

2012/11/2 spelling "browser" in Katakana language was wrong; \\IT\Note\Browser . h t m; YES YES YES
2012/7/16 Installing Windows 8 into Trans Meta Processor equipped SHARP notebook;

x directional testing, e.g. x p;

Your PC needs to restart. Please hold down the power button. Error Code: 0x0000005D Parameters:0xaddress; developer does not know HOW to kuru kuru 5 at calculator to prompt sentences, therefore, installed Windows Server 2003 with 5000 user into the SHARP notebook;

2012/5/2 p Character . h t m prefecture character had extra horizontal line; YES YES YES
2012/4/23 i Computer . h t m ions, ... should be spelled correctly; YES YES YES
2011/12/31 s Computer . h t m Contents data are not 100% in its accurate file size; During multi-folders uploading, at frequency spectrum, contents data was truncated for unknown reason; YES NO NO
2011/12/26 Exe . h t m; C58; IT\Executable Application\Exe . h t m and its sub directory i.e. Exe_ files are missing, because contents were transferred from L: to C:; NO YES YES
2011/2/18 Schematic Symbols . h t m; incorrect Content DATA; After reformatting USB drive WHICH has been using to upload files into Internet, and uploaded *.* directories together from the USB to Internet at once; Not human being's error; Not software error; It might be related to hardware error; YES NO NO
2011/1/19 Referenced Books . h t m; wrong spelling; should be spelled dictionary;   YES YES



;remark: NOT linked by AI OS 's Global Characters;

; IFF logic error, NOT {TRUE}
                                                            and then
                                                                                            fix logic error=123456789Ⓞ〩〩;
                                                                                            ɟ♯ᅍ            O=123456789Ⓞ〩〩;
syntax error, AND Type
                                                            and then
                                                                                            fix syntax error=123456789Ⓞ〩〩;
                                                                                            ɟ♯ᅍ               O=123456789Ⓞ〩〩;
semantics error, OR Font
                                                            and then
                                                                                            fix semantics error=123456789Ⓞ〩〩;
                                                                                            ɟ♯ᅍ                      O=123456789Ⓞ〩〩;

ELSE IF mistake a.k.a. Error, GO TO: X HTML; Automatic FIX;


ELSE ...