Last updated on 2016/2560 4 22, a full moon day;     Illogical AI for Asimo Ukon programmers;

Illogical AI factors can cause (cause; reason; significance; also see: Radical254) error; therefore, whenever error (error; fault; mistake; also see: Radical207) occurs, error log should exist, and then try to fix the error;

Expecting expected (e.g. Numerological1, Numerological2, Numerological3, Numerological4, Numerological5, Numerological6, Numerological7, Numerological8, Numerological9) AND (also see: STM LTM Line Constraints) unexpected (e.g. Numerological0) doko WHERE incoming values into threshold and then outgoing results from nodes accordance with the most weight AND the least weight; beyond complex numbers, rules based LISP processing, fuzzy logic of neither TRUE nor FALSE, AI has been perspective in logical AI only; therefore, illogical AI should be concerned in Asimo Jivaka (../../MD/NamaPrediction/index.htm), Asimo Ukon [2004], and later; according to Abhidhamma, 6 interfaces are inter-operative; one of the interfaces has been cautious/conscious mind AND incautious/unconscious mind;

Consider the following conditions, and notice that the conditions do not belong to logic. Therefore, illogical AI factors are important.

WHILE eating, to chew, do you think which side of canine to be used, which side of molar to be used? Before eating something, do you think that the food is whether eatable or not? While eating, do you think whether taste of food first, or condition of food first: such as bitter, cold, crunchy, greasy, hot, juicy, oily, salty, sour, sweet, ...?

WHILE seeing, in an aspect ratio, do you think objects are seem by either left eye first, or right eye first? While seeing, in a space, do you think that whether you are moving, or object is moving? While seeing in vision, do you think that do you identify first, or do you recognize first, or do you memorize first?

WHILE hearing, in certain range of dB, do you think that you hear the noise, the song, the tone through your left ear first, or right ear first?

WHILE touching, do you think how to handle an object's surface first, OR what kind of object to be recognized first, OR which distance to be considered whether able to touch, or unable to touch, OR where location of object should be in vision first or not? While walking, to stop walking (vice versa), do you think that left foot to be stopped walking first, right foot to be stopped walking first?

WHILE thinking, do you think that why do you think first, or cause to be thought to gain effect first? While meditating, do you think pros first, or cons first? While thinking, do you categorize whether STM , or LTM first, or cautious/conscious, or incautious/unconscious mind fist?

In samsara, irregular and regular co-exists. Therefore, illogical AI is important and essential. Basically, Artificial Intelligence ( AI), combination of conditions, rules, and logics to be learning, to be pattern matching, to be recognizing.  





Citta (Phassa) (Vedana (Sukha) (Dukkha) (Somanassa) (Domanassa) (Upekkha)) (Sanna) (Cetana (Kamma)) (Ekaggata (Samadhi) ) (Jivitindriya (Atta = "" ) ) (Manasikara) (Vitakka (Fuzzy logic rules here to decide good thoughts / bad thoughts partially TRUE, partially FALSE:  (Kama vitakka) (Byapada vitakka) (Vihimsa vitakka) (Nekkhamma vitakka) (Abyapada vitakka) (Avihimsa vitakka) ) ) (Vicara ) (Adhimokkha) (Viriya) (Piti) (Chanda)


(Ruparammana) (Saddarammana) (Gandharammana) (Rasarammana) (Photthabbarammana) (Dhammarammana)


( ( 

( Cetasikas (Lobha) (Dosa) )


(Akusala Cetasikas (Moha  (Anusaya moha) (Pariyutthana)  ) (Ahirika  ( Moha > 0 ) ) (Anottappa  (Attanuvada bhaya) (Paranuvada bhaya) (Danda bhava) (Duggati bhaya) ) (Uddhacca ) ((Lobha Pema Raga Samudaya Tanha) (Maya) ) (Ditthi ) (Mana (Dhana mana) (Panna mana) (Physical_beauty) ) (Dosa (Makkha) ( ) (Soka) ((Dukkha (Lokadhamma (Labha) (Alabha) (Yasa) (Ayasa) (Ninda) (Pasamsa) (Sukha) (Dukkha)  )) (Domanassa)) ) (Issa ) (Macchariya (Selfishness N <= 5 ) ) (Kukkucca ) (Thina (Middha) ) (Middha (Thina) ) (Vicikiccha ))

(Kusala cetasikas (Saddha (Kamma) ) (Sati ) (Hiri ) (Ottappa ) (Alobha ) (Adosa ) (Amoha ) (Metta ) (Karuna ) (Mudita ) (Upekkha) (Sammavaca ) (Sammakammanta ) (Samma ajiva ) )


(Carita (Raga carita) (Dosa carita) (Moha carita) (Saddha carita) (Buddhi carita) (Vitakka carita))


Fuzzy logic rules here to decide Mingala partially TRUE, partially FALSE:(Duccarita T~F) (Sucaritha T~F (Charity (

(Cetana (Pubba cetana) (Munca cetana) (Apara cetana))(charity (Hina charity) (Majjhima charity) (Panita charity))

) (Vatthu charity) (Sanghika charity)   ) (Sila Basic 5 precepts for good human beings; good and bad partially TRUE, partially FALSE here for common human beings: (Panatipata virati) (Adinna virati) (Kamesu miccha cara virati) (Musavada virati Also see: Biometric Voice Recognition detecting EMG by electrodes) (Surapana virati) (Uposatha Sila) ) (Bhavana (Metta) (Karuna) (Mudita) (Buddhanussati kammatthana)) (Apacayana ) (Veyyavaca Asimo Ukon's detailed services are listed here) (Patti (Patti charity) (Pattanumo dana) (Patanumoda) ) (Pattanumodhan) (Dhammassavana Asimo listening starts here) (Dhammadesana Beyond Asimo Ukon ... ) (Ditthijukamma) )


(Kamma  (Verbel kamma) (Mental kamma) (Physical kamma Also see: Action)

Asimo Ukon's self determination of sufficiency Sampatti / deficiency Vipatti starts here (((Gati sampatti) (Upadhi sampatti) (Kala sampatti) (Payoga sampatti)) For advanced Asimo engineers only: develop illogical AI here ((Gati vipatti) (Upadhi vapatti) (Kala vipatti) (Payoga vipatti))) )

(Death (Cause_to_log (end_of_life_span  1a) (cessation_of_kammic_forces  2b) (combination_of_1a_AND_2b) (premature_death_by_interrupting_kammic_force)) )

(Patisandhi (Citta) (Cetasikas) (Rupa  Asimo Ukon or later )

(Opapatika patisandhi) (Samsedaja patisandhi) (Andhaja patisandhi) (Jalabuja patisandhi)

(Puggala (Dugati ahetuka puggala) (Sugati ahetuka puggala) (Dvihetuka puggala) (Tihetuka puggala (Ariya (Sotapatti magga puggala) (Sotapatti phala puggala) (Sakadagami magga puggala) (Sakadagami phala puggala) (Anagami magga puggala) (Anagami phala puggala) (Magga puggala) (Arahatta phala puggala)) ))  )

( (Rupa Also see: Perception (Pathavi dhatu) (Apo Dhatu) (Tejo dhatu) (Vayo dhatu (Uddhangama) (Adhogama) (Kucchittha) (Kotthasaya) (Anggamanganusari) (Assasapassasa) )) (Pasada rupa (Cakkhupasada) (Sotapasada) (Ghanapasada) (Jivhapasada) (Kayapasada)) (Arammana (Ruparammana) (Saddarammana) (Gandharammana) (Rasarammana) (Photthabbarammana) ) (Gender (Itthi bahva rupa) (Purisa bhava rupa) ) (Hadaya vatthu rupa) (Jivita rupa) (Ahara rupa OR Oja rupa) (Akasa dhatu) (Kalapa size) )



Note: For applied physicists before developing EEG, develop C Sequence Numbers in circular heuristic with (Nama ...) for each electrodes flow among neurons of synapses.