Updated in 2563 : on 2020 : 1 : 11 : taiwa Dialogue : taiwa suru : interact; interacted; interacting; interactive;

21st century & beyond; by using this DOMAIN 's    ( BF2 Blue gray, BF2 Brown, BF2 Dark red, BF2 Gold, BF2 Green, BF2 Indigo, BF2 Lavender, BF2 Light turquoise, BF2 Light yellow, BF2 Lime, BF2 Orange, BF2 Purple, BF2 Red, BF2 Rose, BF2 Silver, BF2 Turquoise, BF2 White, BF2 Yellow)   , ... , also see: PHYSICS, law eighty two, ... ;

((antithesis; couple; pair; set; Radical991), (chat; conversation; speech; story; talk; Radical811)) taiwa Dialogue ... ;

Artificial Intelligence (interactive) e.g. Network Topology, using IoT ( NFC) to be networking ... ;

embedded devices; Radical693;

Idea Processor (2 is very very unique in many ways, deduction logic (forms), induction logic (forms)) i.e. interactive ... ;

IFF Gravity Dimension Computer, also see: (Directions, iroLED, weight) interact; interacted; interacting; interactive;

tsuki; Radical96;

IFF Moon Wave, also see: Manmade Global Weather; interact; interacted; interacting; interactive;

IFF Origin Of Sound, also see: ( SPL) interact; interacted; interacting; interactive;

IFF Gene Therapy System, also see: ( chiryoyaku Therapeutic, WHOM interact; interacted; interacting; interactive;

IFF (Rainbow Method, Wall Method, wormhole way multi long length neutrino laser), also see: military application; interact; interacted; interacting; interactive; invisibility engineering; laser shield;

IFF command line parameter (e.g. C:\), also see: (Command, query) interact; interacted; interacting; interactive;

(local, mobile, offline, online, remote, virtual) device ... ;

inter; active;

interactive dialogs e.g.

- Bluetooth Device (RFCOMM Protocol TD); WAN Miniport (IKEv2); WAN Miniport (IP); WAN Miniport (IPv6); WAN Miniport (L2TP); WAN Miniport (Network Monitor); WAN Miniport (PPPOE); WAN Miniport (PPTP); WAN Miniport (SSTP);

- (Device type (Network adapter), Location (device Number, function Number, PCI bus Number), Manufacturer (OEM Name)) This device cannot start (Code 10); (Cancel); (OK);

- (Domain Name, URL, Web Server) want to know your location (allow) ; 

- Do you want to allow (app, application, apps, name . EXE) to run on this site ? (allow, don't allow);
allow (app, application, apps, name . EXE);
only allow (app, application, apps, name . EXE) on sites you trust;
remember this decision; (allow, don't allow);

- Do you want to open ????????? . docx from LAPTOP-* ? ((cancel), (open)) ;

- Do you want to open or save ????????? from URL ? (open, save (save, save and open, save as), cancel);

- Do you want to run or save name . EXE (???KB), from URL ? (cancel, run, save (save, save and run, save as)) ; 

- Do you want to update your stored password for (Domain Name, URL, Website) ?

- IE (Internet Explorer) blocked a pop-up from URL ( allow once, options for this site (always allow, more settings (exceptions (allowed sites (remove, remove all), notification and blocking level (high, low, medium), URL Address (add)))));

- IE (Internet Explorer) restricted this webpage from running Active X controls (allow blocked content);

- IE (Internet Explorer) restricted this webpage from running scripts (allow blocked content);

- (internet info server, web server), NOT responding due to long running script (Exit, OK) ;

- Let (Domain Name, URL, Website) show notification ((Yes), (No)) ;

- Location is not available; e.g. Z:\ Desktop \ is unavailable. ;

- only secure content is displayed (show all contents) ;

- Restore pages ? (Browser didn't shut down correctly), ((Open startup pages), (Restore)) ;

- Security Warning : The current webpage is trying to open a site in your Trusted sites list. Do you want to allow this ? ((No), (Yes)) ;

- Service inaccessible (Retry) ;

- The device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected (OK);

- The disk is write protected (OK);

- There was a problem processing your request;

- this URL requests to use your location ((no, don't allow), (yes, allow)) ;

- translate this page ? (translate, options (always translate language, change languages, never translate language, never translate this site)) ; Also see: Language Translator ;

- URL switched to full screen ((ESC to exit), (exit now), (okay)) ;

- web server (URL, web address) is not responding (recover) ;

- would you like to save your password for (URL, web address) ; ((never), (yes));

- your last browsing session closed unexpectedly (restore session) ;

( IO, a.k.a. (Input, Output)) i.e. interactive ... ;

Keywords, regarding interactive would be (act, react), (blue, reversed-blue), (cause-to-citta, citta), (down, up), (green, reversed-green), (input, output), (kaya, nama), (left, right), (receive, send), (red, reversed-red), (reversed-yellow, yellow), ... ;

Network Topology ( IoT ( NFC3; NFC2; NFC1; NFC, Near Field Communication)) i.e. interactive ... ;

( A M B _ F (full duplex), A M B _ H (half duplex), A M B _ N o _ C) also see: Schematic Symbols;

powered by OS e.g. (Android, CentOS5, OS X, SUSELinuxEnterpriseServer11, this DOMAIN, Ubuntu, UNIX, Windows (Windows7, Windows10, WindowsServer2008R2), XPM) ... , using AI : your own band, your own channel, your own location awareness, your own satellite, your own telecommunication, your own this DOMAIN . triangulation . system ... ;

sense; sensing; sensor; sensors; e.g.

sense; sensor (e.g. ..\..\Desktop\hyper-v\Windows7\Sensor API) ;

taiwa Dialogue; dialog a.k.a. dialogue;

2891 464195 . 2991573312965 . 171254 :
4 . 8 . 2 :
this DOMAIN . triangulation . system ( web) i.e. interactive ... ;

well trained kids reply: WHAT is interactive sir ?
, me , me write: 2+ ( item, object, person, things), having effect on each other, i.e. interactive ... ; another good example would be : OLE, Object Linking & Embedding;

well trained kids reply: WHY do we need triangulation system in the Internet sir ?
, me , me write: regarding web content development, web should be (lead, leader, leaders, leading) ... ; believe it or not, humanoids (, ) are dependable and reliable, also see: Artificial Intelligence (interactive) e.g. curing many (abnormal, disease, disorder) ... ; Remark: beyond this DOMAIN 's content, 2 & 2 Method can be designed and engineered ... ; this DOMAIN reserves (2*6) dimensional for you, and (2*7) dimensional for you, because everyone likes to have "own" ... ; as of 2019/2563, 2&2 Method is classified, NOT available to public;

approx. location based on ((IPv6, IPv4) address) ISP computer:
    Accessed (e.g. DOMAIN name, URL name);
    Device Name (e.g. OEM, OS name);
    On (e.g. formatted time's timestamp);
    Using (e.g. OS name and its versions);
verify computer;

web; webpage;  (Sign In) , Shift + Enter, And Then, (??? ???) numbers must be matched; also see: SPL (conversation, dialog, say, speak) ... ; Remark: OEM must be matched with 6 digit numbers, IFF (hack, hacker, hacking) is defined, globally dispatch insectoids report to animaloids to the location, And Then, verify Shakya King's flag (e.g. OK) to burn the (hack, hacker, hacking) 's motherboard, in addition, report to Shakya (Shakya a.k.a. Swastika) King 's RDBMS, 5W1H including family and group, reported by (animaloids report to humanoids); IFF location awareness is military, e.g. military channel, defined military radio, undefined military radio, also see: verify;

You've new app THAT can open web pages ;


unwanted, also see: Error; Error Log;