Updated in 2563 : on 2020 : 2 : 12 : Physics Law 133 ;

(law 133) : Integral ;

Integral; Remark: think THAT upper pi-by-two and lower pi-by-two are approx. forty five degree parallel at the edge (s) of vertical DEE line (upper pi is one hundred and eighty degree different to lower pi), doko WHERE sekibun Integral, necessary to make a whole complete (i.e. from zero to infinity), e.g. DEE in our universe with peaceful & tranquil human beings livable moons' orbital (s) ... ;

regarding logical, IFF condition, then (state, stated, stating, statement) to process IFF condition is true;
set ZCS (string Optics);
i Number new Integral = Number;
try (new Integral = Integer . parse i Number (Optics));
catch (Number Format Exception) return;
IFF new Integral (Integral Lower Ref. (Number), Integral Upper Ref. (Number)), return ZCS;

I wrote: regarding 5W1H computing (Integral), constraints (e.g. coefficients, C Sequence Number, Directions, factors, Parameter, polynomials, ... ) exist, And Then, I ain't know HOW to program (bug, error) free, so could you help me ?

well trained kids! replied: Yes, we can . Regarding your constraints, NOT ONLY from zero to infinity, BUT ALSO range (from Lower Ref. to Upper Ref.) e.g.

Integral Upper Ref; 23x12 dimensional for you sir ;

Integral Lower Ref; 12x12 dimensional for you sir ;

I wrote: arigatoh gozaimasu, thank you; I know you well trained kids! are countable, dependable, reliable, ... ; don't forget THAT the only way to (measure, measured, measurement, measuring) lights is :

Light Speed Measurement; light can be measured only in this way for 28+ years; Remark: approx. since 1990s;

well trained kids! replied: can we use IT (sekibun Integral) for calculating yellowish variation and its reversed yellowish variation sir ? because, we're developing 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index like you but our own ones, NOT your own ones ;

I wrote: you're welcome, and you know, I've never law sued, law suit, patented, trade marked, ... , (with very very very good reason e.g. in space, there is no joint venture for sure, another example would be SPL matched ones are impossible for sure) in my life and I'll do good kharma (a.k.a. khamma) ACTION ... , yes, you're welcome to copy, copy-and-develop, sure do!!!

well trained kids! replied: regarding pi-by-two, and you have mentioned many "1/2" in your contents, and we need to know, realize & understand WHAT does IT mean sir ?

I wrote: Umm!! you well trained kids! forgot my hidden treasure [.Shell Class Info ] Icon Resource = C:\Windows\system32\SHELL32.dll,13 CLS ID={????????-0???-3212-3123-551085510710}, and I've NOT defined 12, 14, 15, 16, because, basic answer would be 13 mm is equal to 1/2 inch, regarding tool, Tool Box, ... , therefore, "13" covers pi-by-two; e.g. integral way is adding alike, on the other hand, differential way is subtracting alike, and yours (e.g. your coefficients, your C Sequence Number, your Directions, your factors, your Parameter, your polynomials, ... ), you're on your own ... ;

well trained kids! replied: we've learnt THAT 45 is one of the (45, 60, 72) WORMHOLE parameters, and should we use 45 As Wormhole parameter sir ?

I wrote: "attahi attano nahto" ... in Pali language, it means you're on your own, if you do good actions, good results will, on the other hand, if you do bad actions, bad results will, ... ; sorry, I can't explain it anymore, regarding "wormhole" way, I ain't know, I ain't know, ... (e.g. 2-Fold, 4-Fold, regarding nuclear thermal rods), (e.g. 17-134D socket for WHAT), (WHAT kind of environmental condition prompts NOT to mutate And Then can be marked as unwanted virus), ... , and I still don't realize & understand many, many, knowledge based information (s) in my life ... ;

AI FONT, e.g. font based :

subset IPA Extension ( ʃ ) i.e. Latin small letter ESH;
subset Mathematical Operator ( ∫ ) i.e. INTEGRAL;

Remark: 99x99 for either X or Y; since we've developed 108, (108 * 10) for 1080 resolution, we can scope IT, other wording would be we can capture IT; 35 lines are more than enough regarding vertical DEE line (Y) ;