Updated in 2564 : on 2020 : 6 : 4 : Physics Law 155 ;

(law 155) : ACT2SYNC3 ;

1st to understand Physics Law 132, suingu Swing-by Gravity Time, ... ;

2nd to understand constant, (Value vs. Reference), variable, ... HOW space systems should be defined;

3rd to do R&D like this DOMAIN 's ACT2SYNC3, because you should have your own new laws WHEN you become older ones;

ACT2SYNC3, 23x23 dimensional, Synchronization of 3 human beings livable moons in ACT2 imaginary hyper space, for each (this DOMAIN) imaginary hyper space craft, to do ACT2 level SYNC (e.g. ACT2SYNC3) ... ; 2,3 dimensional naturally ((carbon nano walls vs. parallel moon waves), geo thermal heat, incoming moon waves, "L" shape yellow, yellow core planet like our earth) ... can be further studied ... ;

well trained kids! replied: can we use 5W1H, with timestamp instead ?

I wrote: Yes. you can have your own new laws ... ; don't forget THAT our earth should be default yellowish variation (refer to no yellowish variation);

well trained kids! replied: WHAT are the diff among Keywords : replication, sharing, synchronization, and timestamp sir ?

I wrote:

replication; long long time ago, WHEN PDC (Primary Domain Controller) was designed modelled, there must be BDC (Backup Domain Controller) As PDC 's replicated ones, i.e. replication, and this (method, procedure, technique) is still using among computing systems ... ;

sharing; in Idea Processor based computing, we can share defined SPL, sound patterns, and structural gravity spots; Also see: Physics Law 129, duo-binary Gravity Spots, ... regarding SQRT2 with SQRT3 ... ; if GPS is embedded, we can share defined device, machine, resource, source, VM, ... e.g. sharing current location, e.g. sharing location awareness; if GPS is NOT embedded, then we can share board, IC, mounted capacity, ... ; in common, after "access" has been defined, then we've to know its (rate, speed) i.e. sharing ... ;

synchronization; to (SYN, SYNC, synchronize) a.k.a. Synchronization is more likely to be with functional implementation of OLE (Object Linking & Embedding); in OLE architecture, if Object A is linked to Object B, then updating Object A automatically update Object B, a.k.a. Synchronization;

timestamp; timestamp is more likely to be (mark, marked, marking) As Value, Reference retrospectively, so THAT priority scheduling can be ... ;

well trained kids! replied: HOW much time period do we need to have, regarding replication, sharing, synchronization, and timestamp sir ?

I wrote: attahi attano nahto in Pali language means you're on your own, WHICH means do good Action, good results will ... ; e.g. regarding SQRT2, if you define more than 3 minutes, you don't need TTL, regarding remote (100); e.g. if you define 2+ hours, you need to be verified by global (1000); e.g. if you define (day, night), you need to be verified by universal (10000);