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Names Remark;   ASCII I = 73; i = 105;
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i2 Analyst's Notebook 8; N/A 2009; Organizational analysis;
IBM CONTENT MANAGER, eBusiness; http://ibm.com/software/data/cm
IBM DB2 Universal Database Enterprise Edition v.7 for AIX, OS/2, & AS/400
IBM developerWorks Toolbox Sample CD Disk 1, and 2; http:// ibm.com/developerWorks/toolbox
IBM Distributed Computing Environment v.2 for AIX, OS/2, & AS/400
IBM Drivers for Hard Disk
IBM eNetwork Host on Demand v.1 for AIX, OS/2, & AS/400
IBM eServer zSeries, v.2; For Customer Use Only; Windows platform; 2003
IBM Infoprint Designer for iSeries, for Windows
IBM Intelligent data mining tool; N/A  
IBM Lotus Notes Domino 6; N/A 2003; 171
IBM Lotus QuickPlace v.3; N/A 2003; 103
IBM Net Commerce Hosting Server v.3 for AIX, OS/2, & AS/400
IBM Net Commerce Pro v.3 for AIX, OS/2, & AS/400
IBM Net Commerce Start for AIX, OS/2, & AS/400
IBM Payment Server v.1 for AIX, OS/2, & AS/400
IBM Rational; N/A; 2006; Eclipse Java IDE;
IBM Sametime v.3; N/A 2003; 151
IBM SE v.2 for AIX, OS/2, & AS/400
IBM SecureWay Policy Director v.3 Client for AIX, OS/2, & AS/400
IBM SecureWay Policy Director v.3 Console for AIX, OS/2, & AS/400
IBM SecureWay Policy Director v.3 Server for AIX, OS/2, & AS/400
IBM SecureWay Screen Customizer for Host Integration v.1 for AIX, OS/2, & AS/400
IBM Web Conferencing v.3.1 & IM; N/A 2003; 176; 151
IBM WebSphere Commerce v.5.5; N/A 2003; 101
IBM WebSphere Studio; N/A 2004; 010
iConcepts, Digital Camera Driver Disk,  www.sakar.com
2002; 100
ICQ 2000 v.4, Internet
ICQ Message Archive Plug-in, Internet
ICQ Plus v.2, Internet
ICQ Roaming v.1 2000, Internet
ICQ Surf v.1, Internet
ID Cases II, patient cases of cellulitis, osteomyelitis, pediatric meningitis, and young age CAP; Roche; 2004; 999
Ideal Products; TOBi; DVD; 2009; Instruction video, wrinkle removal breakthrough; Ironing garment;
IE Speed v.1, The IE Twealcer for Internet
Ignite; N/A 1999; 899
Imation SSD Upgrade Kit; N/A 2009; Upgrading from HDD, Hard Disk Drive storage system to SSD, Solid State Disk storage system;
Imici Enterprise Server; N/A 2003; 176
Imlogic IM Manager; N/A 2003; 203
Immunology Interactive; Mosby; Lynton House 999
Imperva SecureSphere v.4; N/A; 2006; Streaming data protection; Compare to:

Ingrian Networks Ingrian DataSource Platform v.4; Tablus Content Alarm NW v.3;

Indigo Rose; TrueUpdate v.2.0; N/A; 2007; Auto updates in LAN; Installation files, patches; Support FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Mapped drive letters + UNC paths, ... ;
Individual Software: Resume Maker Deluxe v.9; For Win NT, 98, ME, 2000, XP;
Individual Software: Typing Instructor for Kids, v.2; 2007; Age 7 and up; For 98, 2000, ME, XP;
Infectious Disease Management; CME/CE Meeting Series; American Health Consultants; Roche Laboratories; 999
Infinite Network Administrator Utilities, for Novell & NT
Ingenuware: ImpulseStudio v.3; Component Utility; N/A
Ingres II Software Development Kit, Computer Associates
Ingrian Networks Ingrian DataSecure Platform v.4; N/A; 2006; Streaming data protection; Compare to:

Imperva SecureSphere v.4; Tablus Content Alarm NW v.3;

Inner Media: DynaZIP v5; Tool for Managing Files; N/A
Innovasys: Document! X v.3; Source-code Library; N/A
Innovasys: DocStudioXP; Component Utility for User Interface; N/A
Inside COM++ Base Services
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
Inside Server Based Application
Inside Windows 98, for OS Reference
Insightful Miner data mining tool; N/A  
InstallAware Software Corporation WiXAware v.1; N/A 2007; Like Microsoft's WiX toolset WHICH can do installation package from *.xml to *.msi installation files ... ;
Instant Quote 2000 Professional v.1, for Business
Integral Solution data mining tool; N/A  
Intel C++ Compiler, v.7 for 64 bit Itanium 1, 2; for Pentium 4, for Xeon; N/A
Intel Cluster Toolkit; N/A 2007; Including Intel Cluster Toolkit v.3 for Linux; Only for cluster systems with Intel chips; Develop/distribute/optimize/run parallel applications;
Intel Drivers, for |xxx Chips
Intel Software Products for Developers; Compiler - 64 bit Tech., HT Tech., Multi-processor; N/A
Intel SmartCap, for converting *.avi to *.qt / Indeo video-compression; N/A 666
IntelliJ Idea v.5; 2005; Compare to:

Borland JBuilder 2005; Oracle JDeveloper 10g v.10.1.3; Sun Java Studio Creator v.2; The Eclipse Foundation Eclipse v.3.1;

Inter-networking Overview, Cisco Router Training
Internet Proxies Tools, for Novell & NT
Internet Routing Architecture, Networking Reference
Internet Security, Professional Reference, Networking Reference
Internet Security System Internet Scanner; N/A 2003; 104
Internet Tweak 2001 Gold Edition with DUN Option
Internet Watch-dog & Monitor Tools, for Novell & NT
Intersoft Solutions Corporation WebInput.NET v.2; N/A 2007; .NET; Input control for ASP.NET; WebCombo.NET; WebGrid.NET; WebInput.NET; WebUI.NET;
Intuit QuickBase Corporations Edition; N/A; 2006; Collaboration by messaging; Compare to:

Antepo OPN System XT; Sant The Sant Suite v.7;

Inventory Manager 2000
Invoice! 2000 v.1, Business
IP Address Publisher, for Novell & NT
IP Check v.2, Internet
IP IGRP on Cisco Router, Cisco Router Training
IP Subnet Calculator v.2, for TCP/IP Subnet-masking
IP Utilities, for Novell & NT
IP Watcher 98 for Novell & NT
IRC, 16 Bit, 32 Bit, for Internet

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