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Names Remark;   ASCII R = 82; r = 114;
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Radware Content Inspection Director; 2003; N/A 203
Ray Dream Studio; N/A  
RealNetworks RealJukebox; Audio/video plug-in to web; N/A 813
RealNetworks RealPlayer G2; Audio/video plug-in to web; N/A 813
Red Gate Software SQL Bundle Pro v.5; N/A 2007; SQL; Able to compare DTS packages including jobs, logins, SQL server settings, ... ; Able to generate SQL scripts;
Red Hat v.8; Linux; OS; N/A 2003; 777
Red Hat: Directory Server v.7.1; 2005; Compare to:

RHDS by Fedora Directory Server; Novell eDirectory v.8.7.3; OpenLDAP v.2.3.7 from OpenLDAP Foundation; Sun Java System Directory Server v.5.2;

RENESAS RL78/G13 2012/2555; 2012/2556; Promotion Board v3.00;
Renesas Technology's Starter Kit; 2008; High performance embedded workshop v.4, Flash development tool kit v.3.07; Windows 2000 and XP; Renesas & SafeNet & Adobe Systems; Hardware: Analog dB.m adjuster; Application board interface(s); E8 header connector AND E8 emulator; LCD module; LIN connector; Reset switch; User FN CK LEDs; User switch;
Rich Dad / Poor Dad; Kiyosaki; 2007; 3 disc;
RoboHelp Office X3; Help Authoring; N/A
RosettaStone, Language Learning Success 2007; Spanish (Latin America) Level 1 and 2, DVD;
RSA Security RSA SecurID Appliance v.1; N/A; 2006; Managing user, and Authentication; Compare to:

BMC Software Identity Management Suite v.5; Caymas Systems Identity Driven Access Gateway;

Running Microsoft Access 2000
Running Microsoft Excel 2000
Running Microsoft FrontPage 2000
Running Microsoft Office 2000 Premium
Running Microsoft Office 2000 Professional
Running Microsoft Office 2000 Small Business
Running Microsoft Outlook 2000
Running Microsoft PowerPoint 2000
Running Microsoft Word 2000

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