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SalesForce; N/A 2003; 420
SalesForce.com; Salesforce Winter 06; N/A; 2006; Managing Relationship; Compare to:

Centive Compel Fall 05; Exact Software Exact e-Synergy 360;

SalesLogix; N/A 2003; 420
Samsung 2011; SyncMaster; P2050; P2250; P2350; P2050G; P2250G; P2350G; BN59-00906A-05; MagicBright; MagicTune; MultiScreen;
Sant The Sant Suite v.7; N/A; 2006; Collaboration by messaging; Compare to:

Antepo OPN System XT; Intuit QuickBase Corporations Edition;

SAP; N/A 2003; 420; Also see: 1990s SAP R/3 GUI interfaces;
SAP NetWeaver Studio; N/A 2006; Eclipse Java IDE;
SAS data mining tool; N/A  
SAS Insight; N/A  
Savvion Business Manager v.5; N/A 2003
Sax.net: Sax ActiveX Comm Objects v.8; Component Utility; N/A
Sax.net: Sax ActiveX SmartUI v.2; Component Utility for User Interface; N/A
Seagate External Hard Drive BounceBack Express backup, Windows 98 drivers, DiscWizard 2005
Seapine Software: Surround SCM; Software QA/Test; N/A
Seapine Software: Surround SCM 2008 with Proxy Server; 2007; Eliminating wait(&status); Configuration system software for distributed development;
Seapine Software: TestTrack Pro v.4.7; Software QA/Test; N/A
SecureFinger; NEC; N/A  
Segue Software SilkPerformer v.7; N/A; 2006; Managing App.; Compare to:

PatchLink Update v.6; Telelogic System Architect v.10;

Serif, www.serif.com; N/A;

Text X Audio X Video;

2009; DVD X2 design [X means network in oriental thought]; Dual V with board design; New interactive interface; Similar to Microsoft's popfly; Remark: X was known as 150MB/s in 1995;
Sequiter Software: CodeBase for Pocket PC; Component & Utility for Database; N/A
SHARP Product Recovery CD-ROM Disk 1, 2, 3 PC-MM20 P/N UDSKA1740ACD1, 2, 3 XPEN
ShipIT Ver. 2.0.1 Workgroup Edition, Automated Software Delivery
ShoreTel v.6; Compare to:

Cisco Systems Small Business Routers; Nortel Linux based Appliances; Zultys Technologies VOIP products; 2005;

Shunra Storm Solution Suite v.3.1; Emulation, testing; N/A 2004
Siebel; N/A 2003; 420
Silicon Wizardry: Code Review Bundle; Software QA/Test; N/A
Silicon Wizardry: Developer's Productivity Suite; Source-code Library; N/A
Simtec HttpWatch v.4; N/A 2006; HTTP traffic inspection;
SiteScape Enterprise Forum v.7; N/A 2003; 103
skype 2007; Windows Mobile 5.0 or 2003 for Pocket PC; Pocket PC; 400MHz processor; High speed wireless Internet connection over WiFi;
Small Business Manager, Microsoft Great Plains
Smalley Steel Ring: Electronic Catalog Design Software
Smalley Steel Ring: Retaining Ring Catalog
Smalley Steel Ring: Wave Spring Catalog
Smart Capture v.4.3; Sony; Still Viewer; Movie Player; 2002
Software FX, Product Line; Chart FX Lite, FREE .NET Charting; www.softwarefx.com
Software Interphase, Help Magician Elite v.5 2008; Source's output can be compiled, and then available as HTML Help, Tri-Pane Help, Web Page, WinHelp, ... ; Win95~XP okay;
SoftWise: PR-Tracker v.5; Software QA/Test; 2002; N/A
Solarwinds: Orion Network Performance Monitor; N/A; 2009; $4600+;

Network management; Network monitor;

SolidWorks Office: Interactive Tour; the complete 3D CAD Solution
Sonic Software Sonic SOA Suite v.6; N/A; 2006; Integration; Compare to:

Bea Systems AquaLogic Service Bus v.2; Jboss Hibernate v.3;

Sonic Stylus Studio v.5.1; N/A 2004; 526
SONY Acid Music Studio; N/A 2006;
SONY Acid Pro v.5  
SONY Application Recovery CD, for PCG-FXA63 CD#1, CD#2; version G146.0; VAIO/XP; 2002
SONY Clié; Installation v.1.1, for PEG TJ27, Palm 2004
SONY Cyber-shot; DSC-H10; 2009; Music Transfer; Picture Motion Browser v.3; 3296278020;
SONY Cyber-shot; DSC-H70; 2011; PMB v.5.5; Memory Stick PRO Duo; Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo; Memory Stick Duo; SD memory card; SDHC memory card; SDXC memory card;
SONY LTO Ultrium 3 Storage Media; N/A 2007; 400GB native and 800GB compressed storage management;
SONY SonicStage v.1.2 2002
SONY System Recovery CD, for PCG-FXA63 CD#1, CD#2, CD#3; version G146.0; VAIO/XP; 2002
SONY System Recovery DVD, for VGN-A130/A170/A190; Version G260.0; VAIO Notebook; 2006; 1/2; 2/2;
SONY Vegas Movie studio; DVD; 2005
SoundHack, sound editor; Mac; N/A 832
SoundMachine, record/convert sound; Mac; N/A 832
SourceGear: SourceOffSite Classic v.3.5; VSS alike; N/A
Sparkle; Mac.; *.avi, *.mpeg, *.qt; N/A 666
Sparx Systems: Enterprise Architect 7.5; N/A; 2009; $180+;

UML 2.1; SysMI; BPMN; ... ;

Special Edition Using Microsoft BackOffice Volume 1
Special Edition Using Microsoft BackOffice Volume 2
Special Edition Using Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5
Special Edition Using Microsoft NT Server 4.0
Special Edition Using Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6
Special Edition Using Microsoft Windows 98
Special Edition Using Windows NT 4.0 Workstation
SpectorSoft SpectorPro v.5; N/A 2004; 575
SPEXS Bioinformatics Data Mining Tool; N/A  
Spotfire data mining tool; N/A  
Sprint: Welcome to Sprint, PCS Phone, 3G CDMA;
SPSS Clementine data mining tool; N/A  
SPSS v.12; Statistical data analyzer;  N/A 2003; Also see: Anova, and Chi Square;
Spytech SpyAgent v.5.1; N/A 2004; 575
SQL Server 7 Administration Study Guide; Microsoft platform;
Stamps v.5; USPS; 2006; stamps.com; To deploy online stamps, systems requirement: Inkjet/laser/... printer + Internet + Win 98~XP;
StatPac data mining tool; N/A  
StatView; N/A  
Stellent Content Management v.7; N/A 2003; 319
Strata Vision 3D; N/A  
Student's Dictionary: English-Myanmar, Myanmar-English; Inforithm, Myanmar
Sun Microsystems Core Java 2 Volume I - Fundamentals; Forte for Java Community Edition, version 1; J2SE SDK version 1.3; 1997-2000; 2007;
Sun Microsystems opensolaris 2008.05 2008; x86/x64; Live CD;
Sun Microsystems Solaris 10 Operating System; developers.sun.com; 2007; 3 DVD; 1 DVD for SPARC; 1 DVD for x64/x86 ; 1 DVD includes developers' tools: Sun Studio 11, Sun Java Studio Creator 2 update 1, Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8, NetBeans 5;
Sun Microsystems StarOffice v.8; N/A; 2006; Office Productivity; Compare to:

Microsoft Office 2003; Networkstreaming SupportDesk v.8; Thinkfree Office Server; KDE KOffice v.1.4.1, www.koffice.org ; Microsoft Office 2003; OpenOffice v.2, www.openoffice.org

Sun Microsystems Sun N1 Provisioning Server v.3; Blade; Data Center; N/A 2003
Sun Microsystems Sun ONE Messaging Server; 2003; N/A 171
Sun Microsystems Sun ONE Proxy Server; N/A
Sun Microsystems Sun ONE Web Server; N/A
Sun Microsystems Sun Solaris; OS; 156
Survive IT 2000, Advanced Edition, Live Trial
Survive IT 2000, Secondary Server
Survive IT 2000, Primary Server
SuSE OpenExchange Server; Linux; N/A 2003; 777
Sybase: PowerDesigner v.9, Developer Enterprise; N/A
Syllogic data mining tool; N/A  
Symantec Client Security v.3; N/A; 2005; 542
Symantec Enterprise Vault v.6; N/A; 2006; Managing storage; Compare to:

Onaro SANscreen Business Continuity v.2; Xosoft Assured Recovery v.3;

Syncfusion Essential Chart v.4; N/A; 2007; .NET; Charting for ASP.NET and WinForms;
Synsort DMExpress; N/A; 2008; Compare to Informatica, also compare to DataStage;
SysFire: Greenleaf CommX v.1; Component Utility; N/A

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