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(multi-functional system)


in numerological dimension ...


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Mr. Ace Jaw, PO Box 579699, Modesto, CA 95357, California, USA.

Mr. Aung Myint Htwe, 42 Shan Gone Street, Sanchaung T/S, Yangon, Union of Myanmar.


Anti Virus to avoid malware and phishing attack,

(, or, or never send system message to pop window to group or user;

(, or, or never send advertising e-mails;

(, or, or never telemarket by phone;

(, or, or still do not e-commerce (a.k.a. online shopping cart) online by ISP (e.g. web hosting) to do transactions via card number;

Domain (, or, or 's contents are imaginary WHICH means NOT 100% true, WHICH means and and are web sites and not scientific, WHICH means (, or, or 's contents are more likely to be art work, and truly 1 person's years of information gathering, therefore, versions (e.g. C ♯ ♯ ♯ a.k.a. Compilation Number) exist, but order at your own risk, WHICH means (, or, or is without agreement, without guaranty, without liability, without license, without refund policy, without registration, without responsibility, without system requirement, without system specification, without technical support, without user account, and without warranty;