License, a permit alike, for some people to do so easy, for some people to do so difficult, ...


Accounting related: CPA, ... ;

Engineering related: PE and then GE, permit, ... ;

Financial related: Banker, ... ;

Insurance related with each state regulatory exam: Annuity; Health insurance; Life insurance; NASD series 6, 7; Property and casualty; Health and Life insurance's approx. time and cost is 2 weeks, and 500 USD to become licensed agent; Go to insurance company website;

Law & Regulation related: Federal license, State license, ... ;

Medical related with ACLS, BCLS certification: ACLS, medical doctors who have earned USMLE certificates, and extra curriculum; BCLS is for medical technicians, such as ambulance care, red cross, ... ;

Medical physician related: USMLE, and then CSA certification, and then Federal license & State license; FCVS;

Motor boat related, go to Motor Vehicle Dept;

Motor car dealer related: new car dealer license, used car dealer license, ... ; If you were self-consider "not rich", and then be careful dealing with car dealers, because you can loose 5000 ~ 20000 USD within a few minutes due to information hiding tactic ... ; For example: WHEN leasing a car, sale person does not mention a sale term " residuals ", ... ;

Motor car sales person license, go to Motor Vehicle Dept;

Motor vehicle related CDL, commercial driver licenses such as Class A, B, C, D, and E. Size & weight & public & chemical of operational vehicle classify the type of driving license; Go to Motor Vehicle Dept;

Public related: Notary Public license, ... ;

Security license;

Shipping related: FMC license, Import/Export, ... ;

Street vendor, Hawker vendor license;

Teacher related: Instructor license [for car driving, approx. time is 10+ years with clean record], Teaching license [for lower education, after matriculation certification [US high school graduate; if not US high school graduate, and then take GED exam "math and general knowledge, very easy for Asians to pass the exam"  ], approx. time is 4+ year college/uni. degree requirement], ... ;

Technical related: Car inspection station license [approx. time and cost is 6 months to get mechanic certificate, 3 years as mechanic to earn inspection license], ... ;