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CT scan report ;      

CT scan report ;      

ECG   Report ;      

EKG   Report ;      
    MRI scan report ;      
    MRI scan report ;      
    PET scan report ;      
    PET scan report ;      
    Ultrasound   Report ;      
    Ultrasound   Report ;      
    X-ray   Report ;      
    X-ray   Report ;      

Also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( analysis, verify) each report ... ;


Arthrogram (X-ray images of joints) which requires injection of dye into joint, and then view by X-ray or MRI;


Bone, also see: Musculoskeletal, Orthopedic, Spinal, ... ;


CD 1 ~ 154 (Leukocyte differentiation antigens; CD classification; Surface);

Coronary angiography, since 1983;

CT a.k.a. CAT scan, a.k.a. scanner shows detail view of joint;

CT Scan; Spiral multi-detector: Adrenal; Abdomen; Abdomen & pelvis; Bun/Creatinine;

Cardiac scoring; Cervical spine; Chest; Contrast/non-contrast; Head; High Resolution;

IAC; L/S spine; Nasopharynx; Neck; Orbits; Pelvis; Posterior Fossa; Sella Turcica;

Sinuses; Specific extremity; Specific other; Thoracic spine; TMJ; Virtual bronchoscopy;

CT scan;


3D 4D Image Rendering; Dexa; Display; Bone densitometry;

Doppler; Color: Abdominal; Arterial; Carotid; Renal arteries; Specific other; Venous;

Dry film, Medical color image video printer, also see:;




Fluoroscopic scan e.g. (Barium enema; Esophagram barium swallow; Gall bladder series;

Hysterosalpingogram HSG; IVP; Small bowel series; Upper GI series) Fluoroscopic scan;


Gene Therapy System;


Hitachi 3D magneto-cardiograph (From radio isotopes by electro-cardiograph method to

echocardiography by electro-cardiograph to magneto-cardiograph; );

Homological _Homotopic, also see: Mathematics;






kan Weight;


label; (line; row; Radical176);


Mammography (Bilateral, LT, RT, Specific, Unilateral); Medical devices; MRA;

MRI e.g. MRI (a.k.a. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, by deploying strong magnets to view joint, tissue, ... ); 

Abdomen; Abdominal aorta; Adrenals; Ankle left; Ankle right; Aorta Iliacs; Brain; Carotid

[Neck]; Chest; Elbow left; Elbow right; Foot left; Foot right; Gadolinium contrast;

General; Gynecologic; Head; Hip left; Hip right; Internal auditory canal; Kidneys;

Knee left; Knee right; Liver; Lower extremity; MR angiography; MRCP; Orbits; Pancreas;

Para-nasal sinuses; Pelvis; Pituitary gland;  Posterior fossa; Renal arteries;

Shoulder left; Shoulder right; Specific other; Spine; Spine C; Spine L; Spine T;

Thoracic aorta; TMJ; Wrist left; Wrist right; MRI; MRI;


Nuclear cardiology & medicine: 3 phase scan; Bone scan; Gall bladder by hepatobilliary;

GA67 limited infection-tumor localization scan; GA67 spect infection-tumor localization scan;

GA67 whole body infection-tumor localization scan; Gall bladder ejection fraction;

Hemangioma scan; Hepatobilliary scan; HIDA scan; Left ventricular ejection fraction LVEF

ventriculography; Limited scan; Liver spleen scan; Lung perfusion scan; Lung scan;

MAG3 renal scan; MIBI cardiac stress test scan; MIBI sestamibi parathyroid scan;

MUGA ventriculography scan; One-day protocol cardiac stress test scan; Parathyroid scan;

Pharmacologic cardiac stress test scan; Renal captopril scan; Renal function scan; Renal lasix scan;

Renal regular scan; Renal split function scan; Spect scan; Sulphur colloid liver spleen scan;

Tagged RBC liver spleen scan; Thalium cardiac stress test scan; Thyroid scan; Thyroid uptake scan;

Whole body;




PET scan; Philips; Plasma sensor and IT engineering;




Radiology: Abdomen and KUB; Abdomen AP and Erect; Cervical spine; Chest P/A and Lat; Chest

P/A and Lat and Oblique; Chest ribs LT; Chest ribs RT; Dorsal spine; Extremity ankle LT; Extremity

ankle RT; Extremity elbow LT; Extremity elbow RT; Extremity femur LT; Extremity femur RT; Extremity

foot LT; Extremity foot RT; Extremity forearm LT; Extremity forearm RT; Extremity hand LT; Extremity

hand RT; Extremity hip LT; Extremity hip RT; Extremity humerus LT; Extremity humerus RT; Extremity

knee LT; Extremity knee RT; Extremity shoulder LT; Extremity shoulder RT; Extremity tibia-fibula LT;

Extremity tibia-fibula RT; Extremity wrist LT; Extremity wrist RT; Facial bones; Head and neck;

Lumbo-sacral spine; Nasal bones; Para-nasal sinuses; Pelvis; Sacroiliac joints; Sacrum and coccyx;

Scoliosis series; Skull; Specific other; Spine and pelvis; Sternum;

Recognition and Authentication;


Sonography: Abdominal; Biophysical; Breast; Chest; Follicular; OBG Sono; Pelvic; Renal;

Sonohysterogram; Specific other; Testicular; Thyroid; Transvaginal;


Trigonometry, also see: Mathematics;


Ultrasound, by using sound waves to view structures; ultrasound (Multi slice ultrasound, similar to CT, MR);


Virtual bronchoscopy;


web; Radical320;


X-ray shows injury (e.g. broken bone, dislocation, ... ) ;


yellowish variations e.g. (, ), also see: DEE;


(6 surface DEE box in Z-index, 6 ZCS based DEE box in Z-index),

also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;