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AI Gene Therapy System (76647555 i.e. GoodGene) for each user whose detail measure e.g. ( name, per, %) WHILE kuru kuru computer increase life span to do:

do normal name e.g. (A Ch R, ABR units, Antibody Response Unit, at term, cells, centimeter, centipoises, cholesterol, chromosome test bands, cm H2O, Correct Symbol, Cr not ref, Daltons, day, deciliter, degree angle, degree Celsius, delta Optical Density, DIA ♯ mmHg, dose, EIA units, EU, events, femto mole, fL, GPL Units, gram, hemoglobin, hour, Index, IU, kilo Dalton, kilo gram, liter, Liter, mcL, mEq, mg every ♯ hours, micro Unit, micro Equivalent, micro gram Equivalent, micro IU, micro mole, microgram, micrograms, milli international units, milli mole, milli os mole, milligram, milliliter, millimeter, millimeter Mercury, min, minute, mL of cells, mm, mm duration, mm H2O, mmHg, moles, MOM, MPL, mU, multiple of the median, nano gram, nano meter, nano mole, OD, optical density, percent, pg, pH, pico gram, pico mole, pounds, ppm, protein, PULSE, ratio, Relative Units, RU, score, Score of, sec, second, SI stimulating index, surface area BSA, SYS ♯ mmHg, thousand, thousand cpm, threshold, titer, torr, TSI index, U, unit, Units, vial, vials, week, weeks, wk, x ♯, y, year) ... ;

do normal per e.g. ( /24 hours, /day, /high power field, /low power field, /micro liter, /specimen, Am U/L, AU/mL, C2H50 U/mL, copies/micro liter, copies/milliliter, disintegrations/minute, EU/mL, gram/♯ L, gram/100 mL, international units/gram Hemoglobin, international units/24 hours, IU/♯ cells, kU/Hour, kU/Liter,  mcg/kg/♯ hour, mcgEq/mL, mEq/♯ minute, mEq/L, mg Hb/gram, mg/♯ hour, mg/100 mL, mg/dL RBC, mg/kg/24 h, mg/kg/day, mg/specimen, micro international units/milliliter, microgram AHG Eq/mL, microgram N/dL, microgram T4/dL, microgram/g dry weight, micromole/gram tissue, micro Unit/milliliter, milli IU/Liter, mIU/L, mL/min/SA, mL/minute/BSA, mL/minute/Surface Area, mol/L, mole/Liter, n g/100 mL, n mol/dL glomerular filtrate, parts/million, pulse/min, thousand counts/minute, total/mechanical, U/♯, U/♯ cells, uLEq/mL, volume/volume, x ♯/L, x #/micro liter) ... ;

percentage; Radical322;

do normal % e.g. (binding, bound, conversion, excretion, fat, hemoglobin, hemolysis, index, inhibition, live, negative control, normal, normal control, of total, percent precipitate, positive, reactivity, total, total cholesterol, total hemoglobin, volume) ... ;

artificial intelligence ... ;

2006 July 25, NHK news, the average longest living life time people are Japanese women [avg. > 80 year];

Biometrics measurement, chemical measurement, CphT measurement, and medical measurement are similar to each other, but approach and aspect is diff. ... ;