Specialties: D, Dermatology   Last updated on August 19, 2005

HLA, Human Leukocyte Antigens [The American Journal of Medicine; Vol.118; No.4];


Specialties: D    *Disease, *Disorder, *Syndrome, ... Approx. 13 disorders available to read;

Acne vulgaris [Clinical Evidence Concise; BMJ; 2005];

Athlete foot;

Cellulitis & Erysipelas;

Head lice;

Herpes labialis;

Malignant melanoma;

Plaque psoriasis [Chronic];


Seborrhoeic dermatitis;

Skin's squamous cell carcinoma;

Skin disorder: Pigmented and vascular lesions; hair removal; pustular inflammatory acne; Also see: SkinStation in DeviceAcronym;