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Nama For Humanoid, IFF MD indicates that cancers EXIST, or RDBMS medical record (data) indicates that cancers EXIST, mark the person (human beings), And Then, this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System, using directional Methods (location awareness) for repairing the bad gene patterns ... ;

ACS' recommended cancer screening; Also see: (Q&A) no._122;

Breast cancer;

Cancel therapy; Molecular surgery; [NHK Burmese news; 2005; Radioisotopes genetic research facility, www.kurume-u.ac.jp/english/research.htm]

CT, Computed Tomography Mass;

Disorder; Also see: Disease Disorder Acronym;

Gastrointestinal tract cancer;

ER, Estrogen Receptor;

hematologic disorder, also see: 9hComputer;


in a health care system (e.g. hospitals), chemotherapy way of Tx, gene therapy system way of Tx, immunological way of Tx, and surgical way of Tx, would be by ... ; also see: 2561 2018 CME (Q&A) no. 155;

metabolic disorder, also see: 8mComputer;



Oncogene; Abnormal genes which cause tumor, or mass;  

PET, Positron Emission Tomography Mass;


PR, Progesterone Receptor;

Oral cancer;

Ovarian cancer;

Pancreatic cancer;

Prostatic cancer [Harrison's 15th Edition; Principles of Internal Medicine; 2001]; Prostate cancer;

Skin cancer;

structural disorder, also see: 9sComputer;

Testicular cancer;

treatment (Tx) adverse effect, also see: 2aComputer;

Gene Therapy System;