Specialties: ON, Oncology; HO;   Last updated on October 8, 2005

Cancel therapy; Molecular surgery; [ NHK Burmese news; 2005; Radioisotopes genetic research facility, www.kurume-u.ac.jp/english/research.htm ]

CT, Computed Tomography Mass;

ER, Estrogen Receptor;

Oncogene; Abnormal genes which cause tumor, or mass; MG; MGP; PMG;

PET, Positron Emission Tomography Mass;

PR, Progesterone Receptor;


Specialties: ON   *Disease, *Disorder, *Syndrome, ... Approx. 8 disorders available to read;

Breast cancer;

Gastrointestinal tract cancer;

Oral cancer;

Ovarian cancer;

Pancreatic cancer;

Prostatic cancer [Harrison's 15th Edition; Principles of Internal Medicine; 2001]; Prostate cancer;

Skin cancer;

Testicular cancer;