Radicals ( Radical344) ten strokes in Kanji;

dimensional, e.g.

21st century and beyond, powerful guns are (category 5 storm, directional gravity spots, flu virus to public, heterodyning strings toward human beings to be coconut head, high precision screen captured in Z-index, mapping and lock the location awareness, multi long length neutrino LASER, regional flood, region as hotspot, resetting GPS device's destination, wormhole way LASER) ... , also see: Method, i.e. beyond nuclear power, and notice that "no need to declare war" ... ;

motor way LASER; wormhole way LASER;

directional, e.g.

"black book" implementation (multi long length neutrino LASER as gun);
"black book" implementation (Rainbow Method as gun);

logical, e.g.

in Hiragana: military commander, military general;
in Hiragana: leader;

in Kanji: admiral; commander;

IFF conjunction: again; and; from now on; just about; or; soon;
military general;

numerological, e.g.


structural, e.g.

Commander in Chief, a.k.a. President;

counter for gun; Radical260;

benefit; chemical; enamel; gun powder; Radical377;

IFF opponent's illegal missile, do (focus, map, pinpoint, lock) And Then, get permit from Shakya King's computer's permission to launch against the opponent's illegal missile;

in order to change civilizations in 21st century and beyond, 200+ millions peoples must be killed, therefore, start with Reforming Myanmar (e.g. "Bama" vs. ethnic tribes) ... ; Nama For Humanoid, daily monitor "Bama" military generals and their villages, and update remote nama reading RDBMS; deploy and practice severe punishments to "Bama" military generals WHO don't follow this DOMAIN (Satellite_DNS_Domain) 's Command via smart devices ... ; in Hiragana: military commander, military general;

mapped all nuclear related ones;