Radicals ( Radical387) one stroke in Kanji;

dimensional, e.g.


directional, e.g.

DEE _ L _ Shape _ With _ 2 Yellow Dots; Also see: DEE; Schematic Dimensional; Remark: heat and light are at the same location in our earth; heat and light are NOT at the same location on human beings livable moons; since our earth is yellow core based, and, from retrospective way of 3 lights are at 90 degree in (2*6) momentum, "L" shaped DEE truly prompts either aqua or green surface inside our abdominal area (i.e. between 2 Yellow Dots and 3 cyan dots); since 2018/2561, this DOMAIN has started its Gene Therapy System, this DEE _ L _ Shape _ With _ 2 Yellow Dots must be defined; And Then, using Directional Gravity Pressure to cure ... ; Remember: accordance with Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization, 2 ways to cure (bio way ( MD), physics way ( PHYSICS)) diseases, disorders, ... ;

logical, e.g.

: conceal; fishhook; hidden; minute; mysterious; secret; small;

numerological, e.g.



structural, e.g.

Hidden Network; Wide Fidelity (Wi-Fi), also see: WiFi;

in 31 realms, accordance with Buddha Dharma, BLI (Body Length Index) may vary; colors are one of the factors to define BLI;