Nippon Syllabary     Last updated on 2017/2561 5 10, a full moon day;

Brief Introduction: the following table's contents are based on NHK online textbook; Before reading this page, NipponPronunciation should be read 1st; For each column, left side is Hiragana characters, right side is Katakana characters;


since 5/18/2016 / 2560, after this DOMAIN 's Compilation Number C103, zuHIRAGANA_da_ji_zu_de_do has been edited (i.e. dzuHIRAGANA); believe it or not, approx. 5 years to correct Linguistic Definition (e.g. from "zu"  to "dzu") in numerological ... ; this DOMAIN would like to propose & suggest NIPPON elites to correct "jiHIRAGANA_da_ji_zu_de_do" to be "dji" , regarding linguistic definition;