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Unofficially means something similar to Numerological0; accordance with "Black Book" vs. "Red Book" implementation ... ;

Also see: Linguistic Note;   This webpage's contents info are unofficial, individual stereotype contexts, street slang, and street knowledge.

Unofficially, but very meaningful, and a Myanmar should know civilization changes (e.g. military power, veto power, ... ), at this present, in this early 21st century, and when civilization changes, names and usages also change.   300 ~ 500 years ago, Westerners [British + French + Spanish] would think and named non-western nations/people as:

For example:

Australia = "a" might be for a/an/one, with "us" might be be "one of ours", similar to spelling "trail" and "a" for all the way from left side to right side; Still cannot figure out practically that how cows can read/write/talk English language;

Bangladesh = "bingali" is a native pronunciation, "bang" might be bang bang bang, or "ban" prohibit "glad" with "desh" for neither Indian looking nor Chinese looking ; May not rename; There were no Islam people lived there 200 years ago; However, majority of people who live in Bangladesh nowadays are Islam people; Never have had war between Bangladesh and Myanmar;

Cambodia = Khamer = this DOMAIN developer does not know French/France language. Need to develop original language; Because of civil war, religion and language became weak; Long long time ago, there was a war between Cambodia and Thai;

China = "Chi" in Chinese language is internal force, English might think "no" to internal force, so that "na" ; Not rename yet ... ; China lost its thousand years dynasties in 1900s; China is Veto Power Nation in UN, and the only nation in Asia, regarding "Veto";

(civil; civilize; civilization) if pronounce in Myanmar, meaning would be "barrel left" , adding "lize" would "come, come" , and then "market price is paid" i.e. civil to civilization; think that long long time ago, public can be gathered and united via bar/cavern with barrels of liquor, therefore, more civilians, coming, coming, so that "market price is paid" so called civilization;

Guam = a American military base, in Asia-Pacific region; There is no Chinese military base around the globe yet; There is no Japanese military base around the globe yet;

Hong Kong = "ng" "ng" might be for "no government", combination to "Ho" and "Ko", that might be a reason China's last dynasty disappeared within 1 century; When civilization changes, so many cultures, names, things, traditions, ... also change; Western civilization's power made China's dynasty disappeared. China was ready for a war against British (i.e. in 1990s), but the British politely release Hong Kong's control power back to China peacefully in late 20th century;

India = "in" might be for original English language's inner/inside/in/... "di" might be from local language of THIS, and "a" is for 1/one/a/entity/an/... ; "Hindi" is original pronunciation, somehow "indi" might derive from "hindi" ;  May not rename, in common Indians look up to westerners. In British colonization era, so many Indians were recruited to fight against Myanmar (i.e. 3 wars in 1800s), British won, and colony the region called "Burma";

Indonesia = "in" might be for original English language' "in", "done" might be for something "finish/done" if "asia" is named by British for replacing "a", and this meaning works for centuries, and Indonesians become muslins, and become more likely to be look alike Indians from west ; Cannot rename, because original  written language has been lost, after Arab' religious missionaries, religion has been transformed to muslin for 2 centuries.

Japan = jippun = 10 minutes; English letter "J" look alike a bait, so fishing/fishy/ and "a", pan might be needed to cook;   2 wars [World War I, and World War II] loser people becomes winners in 21st century; Dual usage becomes in common as either Nippon/Nihon or Japan; In 21st century, Japan should be having military bases around the globe like US, and Japan should become Veto Power Nation in UN, because of space systems and very high tech technologies;

Korea = "Ko" might be named for brotherhood to Chinese people, "re" might be for repeat/re-prefix, "a" might be for a/an/one/... ; May not rename as HAN. North and South should be united, to be unique Korea; Korean should win world cup soccer in the near future;

Lao = "La" might be learnt from Myanmar, in meaning of "coming/come/closer/... " , and "o" might be for orient; Need to develop language and transportation systems; hopefully will be well and beneficial from Asia highway in 21st century; May not rename.

Manchuria = "Man" might be for men; "ch" might be for channel of U where British knew at that time U might be for magnet U, "ri" might be a short form to rifle, because Khan went to Europe without rifle, and "a" is for a/an/one ... ; May not rename.

Malay = Malaysia = "Ma" in English sounds similar to mother, and lay to have babies, or lay might be for lazy, or lay might be for lay person who follows; Cannot rename, because original written language has been lost.

Myanmar = Burma = "Myan" was out, because Chinese defined as "myan" before and "Bur" pronunciation was added, therefore "Bur" "mar", somehow "mar" in Myanmar language means harden/hard/strong/... ; Myanmar renamed back to Myanmar; Myanmar economy became very weak, because of so many domestic ethics rebellion wars in late 20th century. Long long time ago, there was a war between Burmese and Chinese, and Chinese won, and Burmese king had to flee to coastal (Karen people and Mon people )'s region; After 3 wars, approx. 66 years (in 1800s), whole Myanmar (i.e. including Shan, Rakhine, Mon, Burmese, ... ) became under western (i.e. British) colony;

Philippines = this DOMAIN developer does not know Spanish language; Cannot rename, because original written language has been lost. Spanish won Philippines, and then American won Philippines, therefore, many Philippines people became Christian people;

Singapore = "sin" + "gap" + "ore"? So many Christian churches in Singapore while visiting in 2000; Chinese language officially reestablished, and dual systems such as Chinese and English. Singapore succeeded, therefore, 3rd world to the 1st already.

Thailand = French and English to-and-from, Siam or Thailand, the only "never been colonized" nation in Southeast Asia, WHY intentionally left 1 nation NOT to colonize? Long long time ago, there was a war between Burmese (aka Phamer) and Thai; There was no war between Shan and Thai; There was no war between Mon and Thai; There was no war between Thai and Westerners;

Tibet = "Ti" might be from "tee" in golf game, a stick for sure "betting" hilly, therefore meaningful mountaineers;

Vietnam = this DOMAIN developer does not know French/France language; Original  written language has been lost. Thus the only way to rename is Chinese way. Vietnam economy became very weak in 20th century, because of American-Vietnam war;


Remark: In early 21st century, civilization changes, Eastern becomes more powerful than Western. this DOMAIN recommends NOT TO KILL ALL. Inside United Nations, among international diplomatic communities, the "power" has been demonstrated, and practiced already, for example: while walking in group, in a hall way, in a alley way, WHO will give pathway to WHOM, somehow shows the "power" of civilization. Nowadays, whenever Easterners come in, Westerners give pathway, the reason written here in this page is that common ethnic tribes in Myanmar (s) should know.