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A a;

ABC; abc; Also see: IJK; XYZ; ABC a.k.a. 123, one of the methods in computing;

Active Y  
            Active Y ;
also see : Active X ;        

power factor (SQRT3) e.g. active, or reactive; e.g. p = sqrt3 * V line * I line; IFF (delta a.k.a. triangle, star), also see: Network Topology; connection point between line is neutral; neutral is half way;

ABU, Asia Broadcasting Union ( radio), also see: NHK;

language code (1032) Afrikaans language; Also see: Keyword to Port Number;

Algeria, , , , 213;

an electronic reference;

this DOMAIN 's animaloid e.g. invisible bird, invisible fly, ... ; usage "animaloid" is a new word, created by this DOMAIN 's developer; since humanoids exist, animaloid s are designed & engineered for assisting humanoids;

animation ;
cell ; computer ; software ;        

20 frames per second (animation) is standard; because we human beings eyes' refreshing rate (e.g. vision) is less than 20 frames per second; Also see: camera; layer; zoom; in common, animation is used in games, interactive interfaces, movies, presentations, ... ;

 just a right amount of light goes through; Atomic Radio Antenna, also see: Wireless Antenna;

( computer ) application    
          App ;    

Solar App; Also see: lux;

ASD, Allowable Stress Design; structural;
LRFD, Load and Resistance Factor Design;
footing sizing; net allowable bearing capacity;

address, Hex machine code, assembly code, ... also see: instrumentation;

Australian Antarctic Territory, , , , 672;

card's approval code (e.g. appr♯), authorization code (e.g. auth♯), for each local POS machine; also see: Biz; request mode; e.g. requesting from Bank of America, Bank of China, Bank of Japan, ... ;