Last updated on 2018/2562 12 22, a full moon day;     C     c;     cCharacter;     Also see: c Usage;

embedded; Radical693 (C Sequence Number, cabinet, calculator, camera, cell path, calendar, clock, component, controller) ... ;


Cable; electric cable; electric line; power cable; Radical535;



calcium sulfate; sodium chloride; etc. ; Radical698;

calculate; calculated; calculating; calculation; calculator; e.g.

calculate  ;

calculation based on something (heard, read); Radical951;

calculator      calculator      calculator;

CALCULATOR; electronic calculator a.k.a. pocket calculator; Radical535;

to calculate ;

calendar date

call; item; name; nickname; number; pseudonym; title; Radical299;

call      call

telephone call;

calligrapher ;

be at peace; calm down; conserve; quell; subdue; Radical959;

Cambodia a.k.a. Kampuchea;


Also see: Linguistic Note;

Khamer  ;

cam      cam

camera      camera      camera

( zoom-in, zoom-out) also see: Directions;

campaign; duty; office; role; service; unpaid work; war;

can      could ;

container; jar; tin can; Radical158, also see: Radicals;


cancer cells; Also see: Specialties APM;

cane; caning; e.g.

(Asia; Radical383) IFF Singapore, regarding law & order enforcement, if overstay illegally, officially caning as punishment;

cane, a plant, naturally sweet taste; to be cane sugar;

Caning-strikes (to buttocks), also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 282, a hint HOW Origin of Water, defined;

cannabis; flax; hemp fiber; hemp plant; jute; linen; Radical237, also see: Radicals;

Canon ;


capable ; kanona capable of doing ... ;

capable; occasional; qualified; rare; suitable; Radical257;


capacity; Radical669;

ability; capacity; skill; talent; Radical388;

capital; Radical316;

capital      capital



Radical179, also see: Radicals;


carapace; grade A; instep; shell; the 1st party; Radical256, also see: Radicals;

carbon      carbon      carbon

(6; Carbon; C; 12.0), also see: Chemical Elements;

carbon dioxide (CO2);

carbon monoxide (CO);

Carbon Nano Tube (CNT);

card      card      card

therapeutic Cardio logical, also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

cardiovascular, community medicine, also see: MD;

care; desire; heart; liking; mind; taste; Radical898;

career; employment; professional; Also see: Career Employment Professional;



carry out ;

act; carry out; conduct; Radical176, also see: Radicals;

carrying voice to reach far; Radical711;

cartography; Radical714;


case      case      case

cash      cash      cash

Casio i.e. company ... ;

Also see: DEE e.g. Very high tech watches are ... ; sequence number; sequence value;



cast      cast      cast

cast; extend; give; Radical203, also see: Radicals;

castle's strong defensive position; Radical323;

catalog      catalogue

catch; receive; Radical417;

catch      caught     caught

catch      catch;

cattle; cow; ox; oxen; Radical114;

cause e.g.

become; cause; come; due; next; Radical435;

cause; Radical118;

cause and effect e.g. operation of a cause and its effect, relation of a cause and its effect;

cause; caused; causing; IFF synonym: make happen; result in;

cause; exercise; exert; reach out; Radical80;

cause; reason; significance; Radical254, also see: Radicals;

cause (reason);

aperture; cave; den; hole; slit; Radical145;


Complete Blood Count ( CBC) also see: 8cComputer;

CCTV online news      CCTV online news


cell      cell

Also see:  immune cell;

biological cell;

cell in biology;

cell loss;

cell path; Also see: Directions; Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 245; iroColourWaveForm based Cell Path;

egg cell egg cell ;

NIPPON 's world 1st medical invention, IPS cell a.k.a. cancer vaccine;

therapeutic Immune Cells, also see: Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

cellular      cellular      cellular

center; central; e.g.

(balance, level) diff to the center, central fugal force a.k.a. centrifugal force; Also see: Automotive;

center     center     center      center;

center ; center ;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence (smart IoT (zcs)), using DEE _ Radio (i.e. to define its (center, central) 's (balance, level)) ... ;

10 years (decade); 100 years (century); 1000 years (millennium); Remark: 10, 100, 1000, ... are engineering notation, IFF SQRT2 design model, ±98 based;

ceremonial; piling; Radical65;

ceremony; style; Radical992;


certain      certainly


Certificate Authority      Certificate Authority    

abandon; abolish; cessation; discarding; obsolete;

Ceylon a.k.a. Sri Lanka;

(CF; CF ||; CF 3.0; CF 4.0; CF ELITE PRO; CF PRO; CF PRO ||; EXTREME ||| CF; EXTREME CF; HS CF; ULTRA || CF; XS-XS CF) card ... ;

chain; connection; Radical819;

chain      chain      chained

chained list;


Radical212, also see: Radicals;

champion; magnate; master; tycoon; Radical117;

Gene Therapy System index, correct genetic disorders (491694591) : abnormality; ail ness; ailment; bad condition; chaos; complication; confusion; disease; disorder; illness; irregularity; malady; mess; sickness; strangeness; untidiness; disorders;

chance; hope; idea; look at; see; visible; Radical180;

chance      chance

chance of precipitation;

Changa Chopa, celebrates on the last day of Losar;

change; changed; changing; e.g.

alter; change ; check; correct; examine; improve; inspect; mend; reform; replace; revise;

change ;

change; development; fluctuation; motion; move; movement; trend;

change; enchant; influence; Radical661;

change ; motion; move; shake; shift;

channel      channel

character      character      character


charter a.k.a. rent;     charter  

chasm; dell; gorge; ravine; slum; valley; Radical183;

chasm      chasm      chasm


chat; conversation; speech; story; talk; Radical811;

cheap; contented; low; quiet; relax; rested; Radical499;


alter; change; check ; correct; examine; improve; inspect; mend; reform; replace; revise;

checked      checked

check     check      check;

cheese , also see: Sushi;

benefit; chemical; enamel; gun powder; Radical377;

chen Arousing; (dragon);


chi i.e. Χ, χ;


chic; romantic; spicy; tasty; the second mentioned; witty; Radical5;


bird; chicken; Radical234, also see: Radicals;

chide      chid      chidden

chief; elder; head; leader; major; merit; strong point; superiority; Radical210;

chief; lord; main thing; master; principle; Radical289;


chief , also see: Radical289;

chien Creative; (heaven);

child; Radical46;

child      child       child;

child process      child process

IFF prefix: child; miniature; tiny; Radical184, also see: Radicals;

jaw; Radical511;

chin ; jaw ;

this DOMAIN 's suggestion: to survive in 21st century and beyond, all Chinese peoples must believe in Buddha & Buddhism, therefore, hurry-up and have Buddha statue, And Then, have blessing of Buddha and good deities; e.g. invisibility deployment: remote nama reading via humanoids' reports to survive in 21st century, and beyond ... ; e.g. sharing human beings livable moons' resources ... ;

China , also see: Numerological3;

central nation; mainland;

China      China


this DOMAIN (Satellite DNS System) for each city in China, Manmade Global Weather (Directional Plasma Cluster) as service, remove PM (2.5, 10) air pollution; to do so, create 3 (1 meter) gravity spots above the city's sky as tangent line, and wind speed must be breezy air, and wind direction must be toward the nearest sea; i.e. using ( Natural FMD Water Elevator; Natural NMD Water Elevator) Method ... ; for better understanding HOW, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 220, Plasma Cluster Wind;

this DOMAIN has solved air pollution problem in China, in addition, landslide problem must be prevented and protected, to do so: this DOMAIN 's contents should be installed, doko WHERE landslide risks EXIST (e.g. a town is nearby high slope mountain); since Rainbow Method can connect 2 gravity spots (Teleportation Method), LASER shield can be implemented for each landslide risk location (e.g. a town is nearby high slope mountain); IFF IT is Working... And Then, after 2028, reduce landslides in our earth ... i.e. a part of Manmade Global Weather, HOW ... ;

Chinese dragon; Radical231;

Chinese surname; Radical597;

China ;

Chinese Traditional Lucky Bamboo;

well trained kids! reply: WHY Chinese traditional lucky bamboo is different to regular bamboo sir ?

i , me , me write: Chinese traditional lucky bamboo and regular bamboo are the same, but the diff is Chinese traditional lucky bamboo's growth rate is defined by water, on the other hand, regular bamboo is defined by soil; WHEN (item, object, thing) defined by water, realize & understand THAT no water built-up inside, on the other hand, WHEN (item, object, thing) defined by soil, realize & understand THAT water built-up inside; Also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol; Reminder: sumo ring's judge handles handheld fan WHICH can define (item, object, thing) 's BLI problem on human beings livable moons ... ; all human beings livable moons in our universes are owned by Shakya King;

i , me , me write: hint for very basic yellowish variation (i.e. the most advanced DEE) : if you like to R&D yourself, burn a lighting candle in different sizes, and measure the distance of yellow, And Then, you'll realize & understand no matter HOW you create your lighting candles' sizes, you'll get a limit (i.e. growth rate for yellow) regarding Our Earth As Default (i.e. NO YELLOWISH VARIATION) ... ;

well trained kids! reply: "a-ri-ga-to"; "kha-pon-ma-kup" ; "sa-pa-si-ba"; "shai-shai-ni" ; "su-ka-ran" ; "su-kariya" ; thank you; "thaw-kyal-nin" ; ... ;

i , me , me write: you well trained kids! need to realize & understand a bit of Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization;

chinquapin; mallet; Radical859;

chip      chip ;

chiryoyaku Therapeutic Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;


Chloride Ion Chloride Ion ;

Cholesterol check, a.k.a. Lipid Panel; HDL is good cholesterol (good cholesterol helps recycling of cholesterol and good cholesterol prevents heart disease); LDL, Low Density Lipoprotein is bad cholesterol (bad cholesterol causes harder arteries and bad cholesterol can create plaque); triglycerides; 12 hours Fasting Lipid Panel, also see: 4fComputer;

choose      chose      chosen

choice (a.k.a. option);


Chou; Zhou dynasty of China; Radical510;


cipher; code; password; e.g. IO (Input, Output) interactive ... ;

cipher      cipher

circle; circled; circling; e.g.

accordance with Buddha & Buddhism, circle with (5, 8, 24) sections refer to beings in samsara, also see: Numbers in Dhamma;

circle ; ;

circle; link; ring; wheel; Radical915;

circle; round; yen; Radical777;

circuit; circumference; lap; Radical510;

circum* ;

circuit; circumference; lap; Radical510;


circumference of circle;

circumpolar ; enshu Circumpolar, also see: PHYSICS; Schematic Dimensional;

circumstance; situation; Radical951;

circumstance      circumstance      circumstance



; citation; quotation; reference; Radical815;

citron ;     yuzu a.k.a. Japanese citron, also see: incense;

city        city      toshi City

city block;

citizen (townspeople)

citizens (the people);

civil ; courteous ; polite ;

civil official      civilian

civilisation      civilization      civilization

clan a.k.a. family;

class ; kind; seed; species; variety; 14 strokes in Kanji, also see: Numerological5;

class      class      class

classical; Radical78, also see: Radicals; e.g. to be affirmation; to be location;

classification ;

Also see: nippon Usage;

classify (a.k.a. sift through, sort out);

badger; clawed dog; Radical186;

clay; dirt; earth; mud; soil; Radical40, also see: Radicals;

clean; evident; explicit; obvious; plain;
elucidation; explicit statement; specification;

clear comprehension;

cleavage      cleavage

cleave      clove      cleft

sun and moon are to be bright, clever, light, ... ; Radical294;

clever     clever      clever      clever      clever

client      client

client-server architecture i.e. distributed model;

cliff; Radical30;

dotted cliff; Radical62;

climate e.g.

climate      climate      climate      climate

climate; season; weather; Radical269;

((( Manmade Global Weather , Naturally Weather Log ))), also see: Weather;

meteorological conditions of ... ;

climax; critical point; peak; Radical54;

arrive; attain; climax; proceed; reach; result in; Radical167;

cling      clung      clung

li Clinging; also see: Swastika;

clinging: showing its shape (e.g. garment fits closely to the body);
clinging: depending on someone emotionally;

clip; pick; pinch; pluck; summarize; trim; Radical258;

clip      CLIP;

clitoris; Radical791;

clock     clock      clock      clock

clock face ; ; ;

clock hand ; ;

clock time;

to close; Radical554;

close      close      close

close, as opposed to open;

close ;

cloth; towel; Radical59;

roll of cloth; Radical132;

cloud      cloud      cloud



clump e.g. clump of trees, i.e. sound (school);

cluster      cluster

  cluster (e.g. 66 stars together) ;

cm , centimeter


Computer Numerical Control ( CNC) ... ;



be content; coax; pamper; sugary; sweet taste; Radical128;


also see: coca leaves;

code      code      code      code      code

Code Page Code Page;

translator based codes: e.g. archive; configuration; format-converter; linker; loader; manager; package; tool; ... ;


cog; tooth; Radical245, also see: Radicals;

cog wheel

cognitive object; mental state, psychological state; Radical957;

coherent to be; logical to be; reasonable to be; Radical711;

coin; money; Radical190;

gold coin (i.e. valuable money), highest value; Radical200;

collect e.g.

be awarded; be given; be presented with; collect; garner; Radical417;

collect (obtain) ;

collection      collection;

many devices (collecting, sharing, timing) data i.e. IoT;

color; colored; coloring; colors; colour; e.g.

color; colour; Radical172, also see: Radicals;

colors :

black; Radical126;

black color;

(blue color, {FF,CC,99} color, green color, navy color, olive color, yellow color), also see: Gene Therapy System (vaginal pH at (approx. urine pH 7, approx. aminotic fluid pH 7)) index ... ;

blue; green; green light; Radical206;

brown; Radical299;

brown color;

(brown, dark gray, dark grey, fresh tofu color, green tea color, olive color, sun tan color, white rice color), also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol; Specialties N;

Color; Also see: Schematic Dimensional;

colors among monk & nun;

color temperature;

colour      colour      colour;

dark gray, dark grey, slate color, slate colour; Radical249;

golden color (yellow); golden colour (yellow); Radical200;

orange color;

pink color;

purple color;

red; Radical188;

regarding colors, Also see: iroLED; Remark: on human beings livable moons in our universes, heat and light are NOT at the same location;

suru : ( to be; to be sensed (noise, smell, etc.); to color; to cost; to decide; to do; to feel; to file; to frost glass; to judge; to lose a match; to pass elapsing time; to pick; to place; to print; to rub; to serve; to think; to transform; to use; to wear ) ... ;

white color;

white; Radical135;

yellow; Radical240;

combined; complex; composite;


combined key e.g. FN;

combo      combo

e.g. ( Lo Shu, Sudoku) together As Combo, a.k.a. system number for mapping our universes;

come; plough; three branch tree; Radical162;

come after; rank next; Radical383;

come      came      come

come in ;

come out ;

come to a stop;

comeback a.k.a. times;

come, as opposed to go;

become; cause; come; due; next; Radical435;

comet; Radical347;

comet ;


comic artist
comic teller

command; commander; commanders; commanding; commands; e.g.

CG (Commanding General); CO (Commanding Officer);

command  ;     commander     commander;

command; Radical300;

(Keyword based) computing commands, also see: Command;

military commander, military general; Radical344;

commence; begin; Radical579;

comment      comment      comment



common e.g.


common; ordinary; usual; Radical321;

common people;

common salt; table salt; Radical698;

communication communication      communication

community; town; Radical119;

community       community;

avenue; commute; pass through; traffic; Radical711;


Comorbidity, also see: Disease Disorder Acronym;

Compact Flash

company      company      company


compatibility ;

also see: Windows' compatibility;

compass , also see: Numerological1;





consisting of; getting to be; growing to be; proving to be; reaching to be; to be composed of; to be promoted; to become; to complete; to play a role; to succeed; Radical752;

all; complete; entire; fulfill; whole; Radical399;

(all; complete; entire; overall; whole); IFF prefix, (omni*, pan*, toti*) i.e. all ;

complete ;

complement ;


completion; finish; understanding; Radical288;

consisting of; getting to be; growing to be; proving to be; reaching to be; to be composed of; to be promoted; to become; to complete; to play a role; to succeed; Radical752;

combined; complex; composite;

Complex Ion      complex ion

appearance; complexion; look; Radical172;

complexion ;

compliant e.g. (HID-compliant mouse);

compliment      complimentary;

accept; comply; get; have; take; Radical417;

component e.g.

any (component, device, item, object, part, thing) WHICH ;

component      component      component

component stereo;

combined; complex; composite;

composite      composite

composition      composition      composition

composure, presence of mind; Radical653;


Computational Fluid Dynamics ( CFD) ... ;

compute     to compute

computer      computer     computer      computer

Also see: Computers; PC;

(computer) process; (computer) process;

(computer) systems administrator;

computer program;


concave      also see: convex;

conceal; fishhook; hidden; minute; mysterious; secret; small; Radical287;



concern      concern      concerning

conclusion by reasoning; Radical951;

assumption; conclusion; conjecture; deduction; extrapolation; guess; presumption; reasoning; reckoning; speculation; supposition;

concurrency (e.g. 青信号 green light AND あおしんごう green light) concurrency;

IFF suffix: condition; situation; state; Radical692;

condition ; health; manner; state;

act; carry out; conduct; Radical176;

cone      cone

conference      conference


confirmation      confirmation

conflict; proclaim; Radical892;

Confucius Temple , 551-479 BC;

congested (crowded);


assumption; conclusion; conjecture; deduction; extrapolation; guess; presumption; reasoning; reckoning; speculation; supposition;

connect e.g. connect on interface;

chain; connection; Radical819;

connection      connection      connection

connector      connector

authority; connoisseur; Radical711;

comprehensible; understandable; Radical711; Also see: Radicals;

awareness; consciousness ; mano-vijnana ; sense;


conservation; conserve; conserved; conserving; e.g.

conservation      conservation ;

be at peace; calm down; conserve; quell; subdue; Radical959;

consider; measure; Radical831;

attitude; consider; degrees; times; Radical653;

address; consign; direct; dispatch; forward; mail; post; Radical767;

consisting of; getting to be; growing to be; proving to be; reaching to be; to be composed of; to be promoted; to become; to complete; to play a role; to succeed; Radical752;

console      console      console

constant      constant      constant           constant

construction; craft; Radical57;

construction      construction

contact; feel; Radical892;

contact ;

contain; form; looks; Radical669;

contain      container      container      container

container; jar; tin can; Radical158;

in Hiragana as suffix: device; container; instrument; vessel; Radical317;

ability; container ; implement; instrument; receptacle; set; tool; utensil; vessel;

counter for battles; counter for covered container; counter for matches; Radical692;

contemplation ; meditation; Radical333;

contemporary; modern; the latest; up-to-date;
latest development and trend, i.e. up to date; this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System index (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user) location awareness (up-to-date) ... ; Also see: WHOM (..\..\..\Domain\GeneTherapySystem\WHOM .txt);

content e.g.

be content; coax; pamper; sugary; sweet taste; Radical128;

cheap; contented; low; quiet; relax; rested; Radical499;

content     content      content

content development (idea processor) ... ;

content; substance; Radical791;

Contents; detail; import; matter; subject; substance;

contest      contest with

context      context      context      context

continent      continent           big + land


continue, as opposed to pause;


also see: dynamic;

contour ; form; outline;

contour      contour ;

contour, also see: map; Radical714;


contract; organize; Radical592;

abbreviation; contraction ; curtailment; reduction; shortening;

abbreviation e.g. Dx (diagnosis), txt msg (Text Message), ... ;
acronym e.g. CS (Computer Science), OBGYN (Obstetrics and Gynaecology), ... ;
contraction e.g. don't, I'll, we'll, won't, ... ;
slang e.g. see u (see you), tnx (thanks), ... ;

contrast       contrast

contribution; donation;

control; wind-instrument; jurisdiction; Radical555;

control; gauge; law; regulation; rhythm; Radical513;

IFF Green Control, also see: Schematic Dimensional;

controversy theory; disputable essay; treatise comment; Radical301;

chat; conversation; speech; story; talk; Radical811;



also see: concave;

coordinate      coordinate      coordinate

coordinate axis      coordinate axis

Carbon Copy (CC), a.k.a. original copy, also see: 8cComputer;


copy book      copy book      copy book

copy machine, a.k.a. copier; e.g. duplicate;

duplicate; imitation; similar identical;

IFF computer, also see: Command;



core      core

core; outline; Radical224, also see: Radicals;

in Hiragana : core; pit of fruit; Radical791;


corner of desk; corner of pavement; Radical181, also see: Radicals;

corporation      corporation

corpse; remains; Radical52;

corpse ; ;

correct; corrected; correcting; e.g.

alter; change; check; correct ; examine; improve; inspect; mend; reform; replace; revise;

correct      correct      correct      correct

correct; justice; righteous; Radical567;

correct ; right;

to correct; to cure; to fix; to heal; to repair; Radical959;

correspond to

cosmos ; space; universe;

cost      cost      cost

suru : ( to be; to be sensed (noise, smell, etc.); to color; to cost; to decide; to do; to feel; to file; to frost glass; to judge; to lose a match; to pass elapsing time; to pick; to place; to print; to rub; to serve; to think; to transform; to use; to wear ) ... ;

count      count      count  

counter; in common, adding one with logical Operators; also see: Plus One algorithm;

counter for stitches ;

counter for animals; head; Radical132, also see: Radicals;

countless; hakarishirenai; incalculable; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3; idea ♯ 262; countless; hakarishirenai; incalculable;

country      country

country ;

country ; 



country; countryside; outskirts; suburbs; Radical888;


couple; coupling; Also see: 7cComputer; 9cComputer;

course       course      course      course

course of events, also see: flow;

civil ; courteous ; polite ;


cover; obstruct; suffocate; Radical208;


cattle; cow; ox; oxen; Radical114;

CPU , Central Processing Unit;     CPU

construction; craft; Radical57;

create      create

this DOMAIN 's content development (creating very nice weather at defined locations, curing many defined diseases, healing many defined disorders, keeping healthy environment, prolonging life expectancy of we human beings) ... ; Also see: Oh My Lord;

Creatinine, a chemical filtered by kidney; IFF its level is higher than standard Creatinine, kidney is not working properly; Also see: 1cComputer;

chien Creative; also see: Swastika;


... credible answers; Also see: Radical789;


- convincing, to be believed;
- persuading people to be successful (e.g. capable of convincing that something will happen);

creep      crept      crept

bug; insect; cricket; moth; worm; Radical174;


crimson; red; scarlet; Radical188;



crooked; Radical93;

crooked big; crooked leg; Radical51;

crop failure

cross      cross out

crow      crew      crowed


crowd (swarm);

crowded (congested);


Radical129, also see: Radicals;

cruise      cruise

crumble; demolish; die; level;


CT Scanner      CT Scanner

cube or square

Radical181, also see: Radicals;

cubes ;

cue      cue 

cultivate; cultivated; cultivating; cultivation; e.g.

cultivated rice field , also see: Numerological7;

Dx Cultivation (Carbon Nano Wall (({E3,E3,E3}), (structural K factor, in addition to ( A) ( T) ( C) ( G))), (EM, EMI) based); Also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

culture      culture ;

Artificial (item, medium, object, thing, ... ) containing nutrients: cultivation of bacteria, tissue, ... is called culture;

cure; cured; curing; e.g.

cure ;

cure; heal; Radical959;

this DOMAIN 's content development (creating very nice weather at defined locations, curing many defined diseases, healing many defined disorders, keeping healthy environment, prolonging life expectancy of we human beings) ... ; Also see: Oh My Lord;


current e.g.

current: a course as of time or events; passing in time; present; velocity of flow;

current; existing; present; Radical795;

current ; flow; stream;

current user;

e.g. (current hash with timestamp, details, previous hash) transaction ... ;

electric current; Radical535;

curriculum vitae


curtain; net; tent; veil; Radical345;

curvature e.g. ( zero Curvature, positive Curvature, negative Curvature) also see: surface;

curve; curved; curving; e.g.

(balance, level) diff to the center, central fugal force a.k.a. centrifugal force; Also see: Automotive;

curve      curve      curve

curving river; Radical56;

to warp;

custom custom custom

cut      cut     cut


cut ;

cut back (e.g. revert);

cut off ;

cutting tool ;

if computer command, (cut, And Then, paste) can be either by combination key, or mouse;


Cyan      CYAN


cyber      cyber      cyber ;

(cycle, frequency, wave), also see: Radical514;

cycle of rebirth (a.k.a. samsara (life-after-life) in Pali);




(computer) bug;