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D d;


deduction logic e.g. formal logic, forms, forms' validities, rules; Also see: philosophy;

DEE , Dark Energy Engineer i
n g ; filter ;        
DEE , Dark Energy Engineer i n g ;

1 way DEE with BF2 (i.e. earth's nature location) in (Shakya) universes ... ; WHICH means in our earth, DEE has been 1 way; NOT all planets are 1 way DEE; IFF 2,3 dimensional, also see: Even Time Horizontal DEE;

WHY do we need to develop DEE Filter, also see: idea ♯ 152 (i.e. Monbusho level knowledge enhancement); IFF BF (Brunching Factor), also see: C Sequence Number;

1 Way DEE _ Sealing Heat; also see: Schematic Dimensional;

DEE FMD _ Our Earth;

Could you please explain a little bit more DEE FMD _ Our Earth sir ? well trained kids ! 1st to understand acronyms DEE is Dark Energy Engineering, and FMD is Full Moon Day, And Then, do not forget WHEN lights EXIST, DEE also co-exist; 2nd to understand 4 human beings livable moons' almost tangent alike momentum WHEN FMD naturally, And Then, peaceful & tranquil FMD 's light happen naturally; 3rd to understand moon waves behave like coming in parallel, And Then, do not forget Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization (e.g. in PHYSICS, WHEN strings are coming in parallel, there must be holes (pressure) can be defined); after understanding DEE FMD _ Our Earth, IT 's the time to do e.g. NOT to happen earthquake in the defined region; in this case, don't forget directions can be defined by both Lo Shu and Sudoku algorithms (also see: Network Topology), by positioning of this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts on FMD (Full Moon Day) and NMD (No Moon Day); therefore,

- no more earthquake in the defined region;
- no more volcanic eruption in the defined region;

Also see: Schematic Dimensional;

world time, using World Time Mode (City Code Table) DEN (time zone) ... ;

IFF east, CHI;

IFF west, LAX;

status (e.g. approved, denied, pending);

detection     detection

monitor (SYS (# mmHg) e.g. 120 mmHg, DIA (# mmHg) e.g. 80 mmHg, PULSE per minute e.g. 70 pulse/min) Also see: measurement;

(genkin (cash), kogitte (checks), jidou furikae (direct debit), kouza furikae (direct debit), tegata (promissory note), furikomi (wire transfer)) (EFT) Zengin system;

(ATM) network;
(ATMs) machines; also see: Biz;

dis*, also see: Prefix And Suffix;

  e.g. flat ( screen ) Display ;  

content type e.g. all, document, Font, image, Media, other, Script, style sheet, XHR, ... ;

..\\DOCS\ a.k.a. document system, WHERE (DOCS; EULA; privstmt; ... ); base; internet; service; supplement; support; update;

click; double click; mouse over; page load; ... ; also see: event;

legal (drug, ointment, pill); Radical377;

DTDD, Digital Tuned Digital Display, also see: 1mComputer (e.g. multi frequency band radio IC) ... ;

language code (1130) Dzongkha language; Also see: Keyword to Port Number;