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F f;


IFF bio ,   precision one ;  
        face ;      
this DOMAIN 's system recognize s face ;    
1. mark e.g. dimple ;          
2. gender e.g. either female or male ;    
3. eye color e.g. ICC ID ;      
4. height , length , width e.g. fully distributed ;  
5. depth e.g. layer ;          
6. calculate d numerological number s ;      
7. tissue e.g. original sheet size ; complexion ;  
8. B M I e.g. weight ;      
9. B L I e.g. dimensional gravity ;    
10. time stamp e.g. age ;        

IFF 2 of 10 are matched, i.e. 20% matched; IFF 5 of 10 are matched, i.e. 50% matched; IFF 6 of 10 are matched, i.e. 60% matched; IFF 7 of 10 are matched, i.e. 70% matched; IFF 10 of 10 are matched, i.e. 100% matched; So called, Face Recognition System as G H B ID (Global Human Beings ID) ... ; OEM, using 10 dimensional face recognition system ... ;

font face; e.g. font face = System;

FDMA, Frequency Division Multiple Access, GPS, starting navigation ... ; also see: CDMA; GSM; TDMA;

IFF square root of two, 512 numbers of floating point, 1st to understand 17;

cloudy; foggy; ice; partly cloudy; rain; snow; snow flurries; sunny; thunderstorms; windy; Also see: Weather;

Folder; Folder name; Folder path; Folder height;

IFF forty four (44), also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, (e.g. idea ♯ 183; Green Ones; e.g. idea ♯ 180; Engineering Notation;) ... ;

France, , , , 33;

(Sanyo World Clock) FRA: Paris ... ; (world time);

(Sanyo World Clock) NCL (i.e. New Caledonia): Noumea ... ; (world time);

SI based ( Hz, Hertz, 1/s) frequency in quantity; Also see: UNIT;

      anonymous FTP          
        ftp ;      

Also see: DHCP; DNS;

Full name;

  fuse ;
fuse ;          
F U S E          
        FUSE ;        
  Alternating Current ( AC ) ;      
  Direct Current ( DC ) ;      

please install this DOMAIN 's Artificial Intelligence ( AI) system to protect (computer <device driver> power supply controller board); Also see: Electricity Power Plug;

wrong designed fuse can cause fire; WHAT is wrong designed fuse ? if a power line prompts voltage drop (i.e. wrong design), if power line does not match wire specification (i.e. wrong design), if power line is overloaded (i.e. wrong design), if fuse does not detect power line's heat (a.k.a. ampere) i.e. wrong design, if power surge happened because of unknown 3rd party's LASER pinpointing (military tactic) to the power line (i.e. NOT wrong design, but very difficult to trace WHO triggers LASER pinpointing (military tactic)), (computer <device driver> power supply controller board) has been compromised (hacked) i.e. NOT wrong design, but very difficult to trace WHO hacked via satellites, ... ;

error; fault; mistake; Radical207;