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G g;

KB; MB; GB i.e. 1073741824; TB; PB; EB; ZB; YB; a; ka; ; ; ; ... ;

non-numerological number 1073741824's internal address is;

sun Gentle (wood) also see: Swastika;

branch out, grow up, e.g. 32 numbers of floating point, 64 numbers of floating point, 128 numbers of floating point, 256 numbers of floating point, ... ; Also see: 17;

IFF numerological dimension, 76647555 is Good Gene and its internal address is; Also see: Bio Clock vs. Life Span;

gene code ( e.g. GT ) 1
part of pattern s OR ... ;
IFF numerological dimension , 76647555 ( Good Gene ) ;
AI ( sequence ) to do
therapy increase Life Span ;    

Also see: P vector direction;

General Services Administration ( GSA), also see: service;