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ISP, i.e. Internet Services Provider, (e.g. home .ha); self finding Majjhima way among domains ... ; NOT me; Also see: Cloud Computing, NFS, ... ; HA; VM;

artificial intelligence ( half second, multi time lines) IFF any type ( object) is undefined, unknown, unable to verify, without ID, and then (pinpoint and locate) the object on a surface ... ;

regarding local vs. remote, "here" is more likely to be local; Also see: local;

(here, there)

here, physically close to (e.g. this place, this position) ... ;
there, physically distant (e.g. over there, that place, there is) ... ;
here and there, everywhere, all around, all over, everywhere;

koko here; kore This, also see: hUsage;

Honduras, , , , 504;

        hospital ;      

Hungary, , , , 36;

        hyper ( as oppose d
to hypo ) ;            
IFF Gene Therapy System , also see : majjhimā patipadā ;