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l     L;

delayed; late; winter; Radical88, also see: Radicals;

Latin ;      
            romaji ;    

many medical (e.g. medicine) information contents are in Latin language, also see: MD; Latin-American; Latino;

Latin-1; Latin extended additional; Latin extended-A; Latin extended-B; also see: AI FONT;

latitude (e.g. ♯♯.♯♯), also see: WORMHOLE;

Latvia, , , , 371;

less than or equal to operator (<=);

Libya, , , , 218;

lightweight notebooks, or smart devices; also see: Computers;

( heat and light) are at the same space only in our earth, and our earth is one of the moons; Also see: My Imaginary Space; light ray, also see: beam; Light source; Also see: Source; lighting model;

oracle (LDD 0,z, LMD 0,z, Global En queue Service) DBA;

( lx, Lux, lm/m2) luminance X in quantity;

SI based ( lm, lumen) luminous flux in quantity; Also see: UNIT;

SI based (cd, candela) luminous intensity, also see: 7lComputer;