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l     L

L A M D A    
L A M B D A ,
e.g. Λ , λ ;          

alpha; beta; gamma; delta; epsilon; zeta; eta; theta; iota; kappa; lamda; mu; nu; xi; omicron; pi; rho; sigma; tau; upsilon; phi; chi; psi; omega; iota with dialytika; upsilon with dialytika; alpha with tonos; epsilon with tonos; eta with tonos; iota with tonos; upsilon with dialytika and tonos;

(multi time lines) artificial intelligence patterns (e.g. , , , ♯) (code pages) using translator ... ;

language code (1327) Laothian language; Also see: Keyword to Port Number;

MSDN (Layout (Anchor; Auto Scale Mode; Auto Scroll; Auto Scroll Margin; Auto Scroll Min Size; Auto Size; Auto Size Mode; Dock; Location; Margin; Maximum Size; Minimum Size; Padding; Size; Start Position; Window State)) ... ; layout, also see: App, apps;

additional vocals, background vocals, banjo, bass, congas, drums, electric rhythm guitar, guitar, harmonica, harmonium, keyboards, lead guitar, organ, percussion, piano, piano & organ, rhythm guitar, saxophone, slide guitar, spinet, talking drum, trumpet, twelve string guitar, violin, violin & mandolin, vocal, vocals, ... ;

library ;  
archive ; as in C + + ( i.e. programming
language ) class library ; book ; case ; content
; copyright ; deposit ; directory ;      
D L L , dynamic link in g library ;
document ; dynamic - link library file ; electronic ;
execution ; file ; film ; F L , Function
Library ; function ; general ; image ; mobile ;
- name ; network ; object ; photo graphics ;
program ; record ; research ; routine ; run -
time ; share d ; slide ; sound record in
g s ; special ; standard ; system ; tape
; text ; type ; video ;      

5MIC, AUX IN, AUX OUT, headphone, headset,  line in, microphone, speaker out, S P K (♯ Ω), ... , also see: audio device;

moon; Radical96; Also see: Radicals;

Logo Free; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 228, Logo Free civilizations on the moons;

open with logo ;    
Open   With   Logo . P N G ;
        e.g. @OpenWithLogo . png ;  

Also see: 2013/2557 Testing e.g. all application packages; Very easy, copy and paste the file (@OpenWithLogo.png) into a system directory, and notice that you have just created e.g.

all application packages As Group;
all application packages As User;

ASD, Allowable Stress Design; structural;
LRFD, Load and Resistance Factor Design;
footing sizing; net allowable bearing capacity;