Last updated on 2018/2562 4 29, a full moon day;     M     m;     mCharacter;     Also see: m Usage;

machine      machine

virtual machine;


mabo tofu                    also see: Sushi;


macroscopic; Radical149;

magic; plot; stratagem; trap; trick; Radical298;

maglev      maglev      maglev      maglev      maglev

champion; magnate; master; tycoon; Radical117;

magnet , also see: Numerological1;

magnet      magnet      magnet

maguro                    also see: Sushi;

Mahayana Buddhism's Zen, silent meditation; Radical333;

Mahayana Buddhism, in China, Japan, Korea, Tibet, ... ;

mail       mail  

Also see: email; E-mail (Electronic-mail);

main , a.k.a. principal      main  

main frame

main menu

also see: ;

essence; key to; main point; need; pivot; Radical365;

main thing , also see: Radical289;

maintain      maintain

maintenance      maintenance      maintenance      maintenance

chief; elder; head; leader; major; merit; strong point; superiority; Radical210;

edition; make; model; number; issue; Radical299;

make     made    made

make     make



making tea; preparing tea; tea plant; Radical299;

maki sushi                    also see: Sushi;


Gene Therapy System index, correct genetic disorders (491694591) : abnormality; ail ness; ailment; bad condition; chaos; complication; confusion; disease; disorder; illness; irregularity; malady; mess; sickness; strangeness; untidiness; disorders;

Malay      Malaysia      Malaysian language

male      male

coexistence, also see: female;

male character, something to hold at the bottom; Radical6, also see: Radicals;


man      man


coexistence, also see: woman;

man; mankind; Radical9, also see: Radicals;

samurai; well respected man; Radical41;

manmade a.k.a. handicraft ; e.g. Manmade Global Weather is Idea Processor based AI system to do good weather conditions globally;


long hair; mane; Radical226, also see: Radicals;

mandala, a drawn/written pattern made of circle, square, triangle [since paper invention era], a.k.a. Buddha teaching, a.k.a. similar to in Nippon; mandala, a.k.a. mantra, pictorial representations of cosmos; 4 types of mandala , in Shingon;   4 types of mandala , in Shingon;

Manga ... ; manga artist ;

manifold      manifold

manifold, also see: manifold distribution;

air; appearance; manner; method; Shi Jing folk song; style; tendency; way; wind (one of the 5 elements); Radical217, also see: Radicals;

condition; health; manner ; state;

mantra, a.k.a. mandala; also see: true word in Buddhism;


many ; several; together; various;

many      many      many      many

map      map      map      map

mapping      mapping      mapping      mapping

3 March

maritime      maritime

mark      mark      mark      mark

market       market


masago                    also see: Sushi;


mask; Radical212, also see: Radicals;


genocide; massacre; slaughter;

master , also see: Radical289;

champion; magnate; master; tycoon; Radical117;

master      master


ingredient; material; Radical118;

math value      math value

matrix      matrix

matter      matter

matter is void

mature knowledge;

max      max


maxim       maxim

5 May

may      might

may i ask    

MD , also see: Latin language;

me      me


atta (i.e. in Pali)

I (OR me)


Me ( i) usage: WHEN humble slave speaks to master; Also see: Radical179;

I; me; myself; Radical129, also see: Radicals;


mean     meant      meant


means       means

means (method);

measure      measure      measure      measure      measure      measure

6 oz Ancient Measurement ;

8.5 lb Kokuji Bundle Paper Measurement ;

10th of shaku; measurement; Radical48;

to measure volume approx. 18 L (litres a.k.a. liter); Radical90;

unit of weight (600 g); Radical91;
unit of mass (453.6 g, pound); Radical91, also see: Radicals;

Measure_3D; e.g. measuring ( x Character, y Character, z Character) ... ; another example would be: DEE boxes in Z axis;

Measure_2D; e.g. measuring ( x Character, y Character) ... ; another example would be: AB Distance of a map (cm scale of GPS);

  Measure_1D; e.g. measuring ( x Character) ... ; another example would be: C Sequence Number (BF1) distance is growth rate;

many keywords (chipsets) are written in Katakana (Romaji), e.g. Quality As Keyword can define "measure" ... ; in RISC architecture (1990s style), quality vs. quantity can be understood by pipelining Method; in 2010s, HOW to measure Idea Processor to be beyond AI (Artificial Intelligence) sir ? well trained kids ! defining more good words in dictionary can be talented and can have more intelligence and knowledge, i.e. without rule (e.g. if-then-do); the truth is in common e.g. this DOMAIN developer does not know all (calculator, dictionary, translator, GPS, ... ) chipsets to be AI (very very limited & restricted peoples in our earth know beyond module);

flesh; meat; Radical165;


meat, as opposed to bone and skin;

med hot, a.k.a. medium hot

also see: taste;


media      media

medical office

medicine; Radical377;

medicine      medicine       medicine      medicine      medicine      medicine

medical measurement, also see: Measurement;


meditation; Radical333;

dhyana, profound meditation, also see: Zen;

meditation center;

meisō Meditation ;


meet      met      met

meeting (association);

mega-      mega-



gourd; melon; Radical154;

melon ;

member      member

member (data structure)

members within


memory      memory      memory      memory

alter; change; check; correct; examine; improve; inspect; mend ; reform; replace; revise;

darn; fix; groom; mend ; patch-up; repair; tidy-up; trim;

kilesa (e.g. delusion, lust, hatred, mental defilement, passion, ... ) can be eradicated, or reduced by meditation; Remark: Majjhima way a.k.a. Middle Path should be ... ; Radical333;

mental defilements;

mental defilements;

mental development practice;

mental power;

mention      mention

menu      menu      menu      menu

IFF adverb: just; merely; only; simply; Radical321;

merely; one; simple; single;

chief; elder; head; leader; major; merit; strong point; superiority; Radical210;

merit     merit      merit

message      message


meta  e.g. metadata; metadata;


metal      metal      metal

metal iron, Radical200, also see: Radicals;


meteorology      meteorology

meteorological agency

meteorological condition of ...

meter      meter      meter      metre      meter

Radical156, also see: Radicals;


method      method   sequence + beginning     method     method      method      method

air; appearance; manner; method; Shi Jing folk song; style; tendency; way; wind (one of the 5 elements); Radical217, also see: Radicals;

metric      metric      metric



micro      micro      micro      micro      micro      micro




middle       middle

middle ages

middle of left and right; Radical2, also see: Radicals;

midget (unusually small person); Radical184;



also see: taste;

military commander, military general; Radical344;

milk      milk  

Milky Way

Also see: Constellations;


millet; Radical242, also see: Radicals;

millibar millibar

also see: multiplier;

IFF ri, millibar distance;


millstone; mortar; Radical168;

min      min

IFF time's unit (min) i.e. minute;

Minimum Value;

mind      mind

heart; mind; spirit; Radical83, also see: Radicals;

miniature a.k.a. small;

IFF prefix: child; miniature; tiny; Radical184;



minus      minus      minus

minute      minute      minute

conceal; fishhook; hidden; minute; mysterious; secret; small; Radical287;

mirror      mirror      mirror      mirror      mirror

mirugai                    also see: Sushi;

miscellaneous dingbats; miscellaneous technical; also see: AI FONT;

miso soup                    also see: Sushi;


injustice; mistake; negative; Radical207;

mistake      mistook      mistaken

mistake , a.k.a. error;

to associate with; to join; to mix with; Radical111;


mm , millimeter (i.e. mm);

mnemonic      mnemonic      mnemonic

mobile      mobile

mode mode     mode     mode

model      model





contemporary; modern; the latest; up-to-date;
latest development and trend, i.e. up to date; this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System index (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user) location awareness (up-to-date) ... ; Also see: WHOM (..\..\..\Domain\GeneTherapySystem\WHOM .txt);





momentum      momentum      momentum      momentum      momentum      momentum      momentum      momentum ;

king; monarch; ruler; sovereign; Radical117;

monarch      monarch

vihara in Pali, a.k.a. monastery; monastery      monastery ;

monastery symbol, also see: ..\..\..\Buddha\index; Icon;

monastic training; a.k.a. special schooling for kids, taught by monks;

Monbushō , Ministry of Education, Japan      Monbusho

money      money      money

coin; money; Radical190;

money; Radical200;

sum of money i.e. exact amount of certificate, envelop, invoice, receipt, slip, ... ; Radical78;



also see: Display;

monk; priest; Radical338;



Monkey zodiac sign; Radical255, also see: Radicals;





moon; month; Radical96, also see: Radicals;

moon wave;


Also see: Constellation; Plantation On The MOON; Water;

moon ;

moon + light ; ;

morals       morals

moral courage;     moral fear;     moral shame;     morality;

more      most

also see: multi;

more than

more than, as opposed to less than;

also; furthermore; moreover; Radical261;

morning      morning

next morning

millstone; mortar; Radical168, also see: Radicals;

bug; insect; cricket; moth; worm; Radical174;

mother; Radical151;


grand mother; grand great mother;

coexistence, also see: father;

change; motion ; move; shake; shift;

change; development; fluctuation; motion ; move; movement; trend;


motoOrigin      motoFoundation

hill; mountain; Radical54;


ken Mountain; also see: Swastika;

Mt. (i.e. Mount)


to mount



mouse      mouse      mouse

mouse; rat; Radical249, also see: Radicals;

mouth      mouth      mouth

mouth; mouth to feed; Radical38;

mouth; box; Radical39;

change; development; fluctuation; motion; move; movement; trend;

change; motion; move ; shake; shift;

move      move     

upward move



move away (leave);

change; development; fluctuation; motion; move; movement; trend;

movie      movie

mow      mowed      mown

MP3      MP3 player

(Extreme MS PRO; Extreme ||| MS PRO; HITACHI MD; HS MS PRO; HS MS MG PRO; HS MS MG PRO Duo; HS MS PRO Duo; IBM MD; M2; MAGIC ST OR MS; MS; MS Duo; MS Duo (MG); MS Magic Gate; MS PRO; MS PRO (MG); MS PRO Duo; MS PRO Duo (MG); MS PRO Duo Ultra ||; MS PRO Ultra ||; MS ROM; MS select) card ... ;

MSDN , Microsoft Developer Network

mu i.e. Μ, μ;

much      much      much

clay; dirt; earth; mud; soil; Radical40, also see: Radicals;


multi      multi      multi-      multi-

multi word

multi word

also see: more;


multiple      multiple

multiple as opposed to single;

multiplex      multiplex

municipal district

muscle; sinew; tendon; Radical382;

muscle, also see: strengthen;

fame; musical note; report; Radical215, also see: Radicals;

musical time

must      must


beat; drum; muster; rouse; Radical248, also see: Radicals;

totsuzenheni Mutation; Also see: P vector direction;

WHY mutation happens sir ? well trained kid! 1st to understand: because of human beings livable moons' momentum, comet happens either naturally, or by PHYSICS; regarding comet, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea number 251, comet; 2nd, ACT3 level imaginary hyper space knowledge based e.g. lights behave like cells, regarding 1 light naturally joins to be group-wise; 3rd to realize mutations (A, C, G, T) obeys color codes, then, reverse engineering (3rd, 2nd, 1st) can define Gene Therapy System ... ; it may take approx. 34+ years of almost everyday R&D works to oversee and overview totsuzenheni Mutations;

mux      MUX



my      My

I; me; myself; Radical129, also see: Radicals;

Myanmar , also see: Numerological4;

Myanmar      Burma     Burmese;

IFF invisible animaloid (bird), monitor and report WHO trashes illegally (e.g. throwing items on street, throwing items onto backyard), and then report WHO trashes illegally to humanoids, and then mark the illegal trash person in educational program database to be corrected HOW to be hygiene;

Also see: Linguistic Note;

since 2018/2561, multi media domain; Also see:;

Myanmar ;


myna (a.k.a. mynah), Asian birds as pet WHICH have ability to mimic speech; Radical204; Radical234;

I; myself; Radical31;

black; deep; mysterious; occult; profound; Radical126;

conceal; fishhook; hidden; minute; mysterious; secret; small; Radical287;