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made of ... vs. made from ... ; in English language, when things are not totally transformed (made of ... ) e.g. cabinet is made of wood, e.g. sushi is made of rice, avocado, seafood, ... ; on the other hand, when things are totally transformed (made from ... ) e.g. glass is made from sand, e.g. shochu is made from koji ... ;

Madoka (female name); Radical96;

Masaru (name); Radical121; Radical263;

* , * masho, let's do ... ; e.g. let's eat; let's go;

masu; sometimes pronounce "ma su", sometimes pronounce "mas"

Masu (family name, surname); Masuzaki (family name, surname); Radical198;

Matcha tea; Sencha tea; Radical299;

matte, wait, wait!;

matte kudasai ... wait! for a while; wait for me, don't go; wait just a bit; not now, I'm busy, wait ... ;

measuring container ; also see: s Usage;

Mei (family name, surname); Radical156;

members among;

Mi (female name); Radical266;

Michi (female name); Radical167;

Mihoge (name); Mimi (family name, female name, surname); Radical163;

Mizu (female name); Radical166;

Mizusaki (family name, surname); Radical106;

mogu mogu, eating i.e. for a bowl of rice ... ;

one thousandth of monme; Radical103;

moshi moshi, greeting usage WHEN phoning ... ;

Motome (female name); Radical45;

Mou (family name, surname); Radical103; also see: Radicals;

musha musha, eating i.e. for BBQ chicken ... ;

Numbers in Dhamma;

muka muka, e.g. mukamuka shimasu, feeling sick, vomiting feeling;