Last updated on 2018/2562 10 24, a full moon day;     N     n;     nCharacter;     Also see: n Usage;

nadir, as opposed to zenith;

call; item; name; nickname; number; pseudonym; title; Radical299;

elementary; naked ; principle; uncovered;

name      name      name      name

full name

name e.g. 1st name;

also see: family name;


Nara, a prefecture, the most ancient capital in Japan, approx. 80km east of Osaka;

also see: Todaiji Temple;


narrows; Radical85;

beautiful nation e.g. USA, also see: Numerological8;

nation      nation a.k.a. people;

also see: country;

native      native     native

just; natural; reasonable; Radical263;

natural; Radical129;

nature     nature

natural scenery (landscape);



navigation      navigation

negative Curvature; Negative Curvature Surface ( NCS) ... ;

necessary; pivot; required; vital point; Radical365;

neck       neck

neck; Radical220;

need (dialog: iru )      need



needlework; Radical243;

injustice; mistake; negative; Radical207;

negative      negative      negative

negative number

negative (-) sign

non-negative (number)

negotiation; Radical811;

neighborhood      neighborhood (surrounding district);

neighboring house ; USA usage;
neighbouring house ; UK usage;

Nembutsu, a school in Mahayana Buddhism;             Namu Amida Butsu, praise the Amida Buddha, also see: Amitaba;


nephrologic, neurologic, non-specific, also see: MD;

net; netting; Radical320;

curtain; net; tent; veil; Radical345;

net      net       net

network       network      network 

also see: WAN; LAN;

Network ; Also see: couple; coupling;

embedded; Radical693 (network topology, NFC (IoT)) ... ;

IFF conjunction: but; however; nevertheless; Radical321;

but; however; nevertheless; yet; Radical161;


new      new

New Year's Day     ganjitsuNew Year's Day

New Year's Eve

news      news

e.g. CCTV, CNN, NHK, ... ;

IFF prefix: next; Radical435;

next      next      next      next

IFF Symbol ( Next), also see: Schematic Symbols;

next day;

next morning;

next week;

e.g. next few seconds, using camera (zoom-in, zoom-out) for each layer, jinko chino Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence Application (AIA)) is making (self decision, self do-and-don't, self logic, self reason) ... ; Also see: self driving automotives;

we've started NFC, (approx. since 2010s); quantity; Radical831;

NHK      NHK      NHK News


night      night      night  

night sky      night sky

nihilism, extreme form of skepticism; also see: ucchedaditthi;


ain't; nil; none; not; nothing; nothingness;
naught; nil; nothing; nought; zero; Radical244;

nine      nine      nine 9     kyuuNine      kuNine

nineteen = 19 = XIX;

ninety = 90 = XC;

ninth = 9th    


Ninja WHO, doko WHERE behind enemy's line e.g. action being in different nation code, e.g. unknown arm force; in 21st century, instead of Ninja spy, invisibility deployment, using animaloid, e.g. invisible bird, e.g. invisible fly, invisibility ... ; remark: refer to Civilization Type is beyond drones ... ;

Nio guardians;

Nippon           Nippon a.k.a. Japan;

nippon denshi jisho a.k.a. Japanese electronic dictionary;

nippon paper ;

Nippon postal symbol e.g. mail, post office, postal service, ... ;

Nippon Pronunciation, a Myanmar can learn within 6 months and be fluently, because vowels are almost the same; linguistically, Union of Myanmar (all ethnic tribes) use the same pronunciation for thousands of years ... ; nihon = ni + ho + n (pronounce either nihon or nippon);

nippon Usage;, reduce earthquake in Japan;, reduce tsunami in Japan; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 215, Philosophy;

this DOMAIN 's Satellite DNS System (lightening method) i.e. to shoot down any illegal missile; HOW ? also see: Weather;

nirmanakaya nirmanakaya

NIS , National Information System;

Nishida, a Japanese philosophy, 1870 ~ 1945;            also see: Zen;     emptiness can be sunyata because emptiness expresses itself through self determination; similar to Theravada's anatta dhamma, emptiness is not a being, but somehow related to 600BC Yin and Yang so that forms of existence     ]; Time;     nothingness is neither self nor God; a verse: mountains are mountains, and rivers are rivers [ according to Buddha dhamma, yogi should only focus on present; no prediction in dhamma ]; Space: logically, nothing and something can be considered as coexistence, Yin and Yang alike     , therefore the verse continues, mountains are not mountains, and     ;     wisdom can be in pure clarity, and notice that realization of emptiness [ similar to Theravada's anatha dhamma ] can become eternal truth; realizing selflessness does less atta, lesser selfness is a way to attain lesser kilesa, lesser and lesser mental defilements makes better and better loving kindness metta,      Action;     Remark: people who suicide [bad action], because being blamed by oneself, because misunderstood non-self emptiness, because higher and higher mental defilements makes the people lesser/worse and lesser/worse loving kindness metta     ; basically, anatta/emptiness/nothingness/    might be based on Time, [mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers] Space, so do good Action     ;

nitrogen nitrogen ;

(7; Nitrogen; N; 14.0), also see: Chemical Elements;

nix; cancel;

no e.g.

no      not      iie No      e.g. Numerological0;

No, as opposed to Yes;

noble person

noble works

node      node      node

function; gift; talent; Noh (traditional Japanese art theatre); Radical388;

noise; sound; Radical215;

noise; in common, "sound" usage refers to positive sense e.g. love sound;


non greed

non hatred

non-negative (number)

IFF prefix (e.g. bad * ; non* ; poor * ; un* ), Radical244;

ain't; nil; none; not; nothing; nothingness;

nonlinear logic, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3; idea ♯ 265; Logic;

noon      noon      noon       

also see: Time;

noren      noren

nori                    also see: Sushi;

norm      norm

normal      normal

normal, as opposed to abnormal; normal (alarm, label, memo, report) ... ; normal is neither hyper nor hypo;

north      north

northeast; Radical171;


nose; snout; Radical250;


ain't; nil; none; not; nothing; nothingness; Radical244;

not be

for the first time ; not until; Also see: Numerological7;

not yet; un* ; Radical828;

notation      notation

note      note

counter for document, letter, and note; Radical711;

account book; album; notebook ; also see: Numerological2;

account book; album; notebook; Radical345;


ain't; nil; none; not; nothing; nothingness; Radical244;

notice      notice      notice



notification      notification      notification

noun : ... ; * i s t ; * l o g y ; * m e s e ;
* t i o n ; also see , adjective ; verb ;  
  * n e s s ;   * s i o n ;        

novelist      novelist

11      November

 now , also see: Radical795;

now      ima Now      now now now

genzai Modern Times;     genzai Nowadays ;     genzai Present;



NTT      NTT

nu i.e. Ν, ν;

nuclear1      nuclear2      ; nucleus

null     null     null (NULL)

(N U L, a.k.a. null) also see: Numerological0;


flax; hemp; numb; Radical237;

edition; make; model; number; issue; Radical299;

number     suujiNumber     kazuNumber     number

Number > 0, i.e. greater than zero, a.k.a. positive; Radical567;


number in a series; Radical534;

number (in a series) ;

number forms, also see: AI FONT;


amount; amount of money; number; volume; Radical225;

numeric      numeric

numerical      numerical      numerical      suchi Numerical ;


Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement, idea ♯ 173, ... ;

in Hiragana : fruit; nut; Radical791;

nut      NUT

Nyingma, a.k.a. the oldest Tibetan Buddhist school; also see: Samye monastery;