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object model diagram;

IFF programming e.g. ( dynamic, goal, integer, linear, multi level, multi objective, nonlinear, toward uncertain) ... ;

eye ;          
        ;     OD , OS
; add         ,
axis             ,
C Y L   ,
S P H   ,
    ;       prism     ;
;             ;
  pupil distance         mm ;
  millibar pressure         ;  

using Gravity Dimension Computer with DEE (Dark Energy Engineering), gene therapy system, do (neither hyper nor hypo) e.g. BLI automatic adjustment ... ;

floating offshore wind power generator (i.e. electricity power plant) invented and deployed in Japan ... ;

IFF abnormal RPM (i.e. RPM is higher than its defined limit, e.g. 300 RPM) break down the circuit;

IFF normal RPM (i.e. RPM is within its defined limit) artificial intelligence to do (continue, restart, start) ... ; power-up;

EKU, Extended Key Usage; EKU OID;

IFF changing adapter set (e.g. Network Connections) Security (Authentication) WHEN connecting (e.g. advanced) using 1 certificate on 1 computer (i.e. EKU; EKU OID) ... ;

O M E G A , e.g.
Ω , ω ;            

alpha; beta; gamma; delta; epsilon; zeta; eta; theta; iota; kappa; lamda; mu; nu; xi; omicron; pi; rho; sigma; tau; upsilon; phi; chi; psi; omega; iota with dialytika; upsilon with dialytika; alpha with tonos; epsilon with tonos; eta with tonos; iota with tonos; upsilon with dialytika and tonos;

(multi time lines) artificial intelligence patterns (e.g. , , , ♯) (code pages) using translator ... ;

      on ;        
        on ;      
e.g. On 285 right - hand side only , WHICH
mean s that 285 expression will no long e
r be 15 identity or 15 equation ;  

value vs. reference; Also read: 2006 Praxis Publishing, Copernicus Books, Springer Science + Business Media, THE SQUARE ROOT OF 2, written by DAVID FLANNERY;
e.g. IFF Val, ((SQRT2)-1)((SQRT2)+1)=0.9999998;
e.g. IFF Ref, ((Sqrt2)-1)((Sqrt2)+1)=1;

Hiragana characters are value and Katakana characters are reference, also see: Nippon Syllabary;

one hundred and eight, also see: 108; hyakuhachi bonnou;

open ground without open neutral, i.e. correction is needed, also see: GFCI;
open hot without (open ground AND open neutral) i.e. correction is needed, also see: GFCI;
open neutral without open ground, i.e. correction is needed, also see: GFCI;


Desktop \ hyper - v \ UNIX \ Free  
  B       S   D ;  
    Window s ; Mac OS ; Linux ;
opera ;        
operand ;      

browser name ( Opera) also see: www.opera.com;

using 99mm time line, AI ( cloud) to do Anti Virus IFF Virus (e.g. Operating System not found) ... ;

mathematical operators, also see: AI FONT;

databases (e.g. IBM DB2, Informix, MS SQL Server, My SQL, Netezza, Oracle, Sybase, Vector wise) also see: Cloud;

additional vocals, background vocals, banjo, bass, congas, drums, electric rhythm guitar, guitar, harmonica, harmonium, keyboards, lead guitar, organ, percussion, piano, piano & organ, rhythm guitar, saxophone, slide guitar, spinet, talking drum, trumpet, twelve string guitar, violin, violin & mandolin, vocal, vocals, ... ;

; also see : input ;      

, Plug type (O) also see: EPPs; global smart grid;