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(9, 24, 32, 37, 108) i.e. beads count;

oracle (OCFn, ASM CF Connection Pool) DBA;

(OE) order entry;

ideas on ... ; e.g.  Biz trade expo; browsing internet; Conference; conversation; enjoying movies; listening audio; reading books; watching video;

on our site; also see: site;

online shopper, e.g. a surface in the Internet (defined location) WHO (e.g. user) has committed transaction ... ; logistics (e.g. database, inventory, ... ); delivery services;

one hundred and eight, also see: 108; hyakuhachi bonnou;

gap; hole; opening; orifice; Radical38, also see: Radicals;

AI automatic fix e.g. The operation timed out; i.e. Error Code (118);

out*, also see: Prefix And Suffix;

AI pattern e.g. (overestimate of SQRT2; underestimate of SQRT2) 98;
AI pattern e.g. (overestimate of SQRT3; underestimate of SQRT3) ... ;

Also see: C Sequence Number ... ;