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wire instructions: ABA routing number; account name (e.g. title company name); account number; client (name); escrow officer (name); funds to be sent to (e.g. bank name and its address); OBI (e.g. escrow number); reference address (property address); swift code;

office ;      
office ;      

Office Developer Tools (x64), Microsoft component; IFF detail keyword (documents) Office location, Offline availability, Offline status, Optional attendee addresses, Optional attendees, Organizer address, Organizer name, Orientation, Other address, Other city, Other country, Other region, Other P.O. box, Other postal code, Other province, Other state, Other street, Owner, ... ;

since 2018/2561, this DOMAIN has started its Gene Therapy System ... ;

oracle (OFSD, Oracle File Server) DBA;

OLAP, -Line Analytical Processing;

green ones, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 183, Green Ones;

we human beings to be healthy ones i.e. Gene Therapy System ... ;

gap; hole; opening; orifice; Radical38, also see: Radicals;


menu option;

optoelectronic e.g. (LED, Lighting Solution, lm/W, precise wavelength, Wide Lumen Range), also see: electronic;

OS1; Also see: Schematic Symbols; OS, prior to ( parallel coordinates);

Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 177; Multi Curvature Surface Model (Data Point);

Time . Space . Action (i.e. oriental concept); in the early 21st century, we human beings are able to boot system by using parallel coordinates, doko WHERE rectangle or square becomes polygon looks alike;

overlay model;